Five Good Things About Graphing Calculators

23 Sep


I recently came across a TI-83 at an ANTIQUE STORE.  While this is kind of wrong on kind of a lot of levels, I’m working through it.  I never had an 83, but I did have both a TI-82 and a TI-85.  I took “special math” and we were required to have graphing calculators, making us a room of super cool dorks.  Wow, could our calculators do a lot though!

1.) With the full alphabet available, graphing calculators significantly increased note passing potential via calculator.  No more were students limited to 80085 and 0.7734 – the latter upside down.

2.) Tetris.  Snake.  Low-quality graphics, but still the best thing to do in math class.

3.) Those things were solid puppies, a weapon of self-defense in the plight against milk money thieves.

4.) They add up numbers.

5.) I think they did advanced math and stuff too.


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