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Five Good Things About Cake

9 Mar

Cake is different than birthday cake.

1.) Containing milk, eggs, and flour, cake is practically a health food.

2.) If milk, eggs, and flour aren’t healthy enough, there are cake recipes with carrots, fruit, or nuts.  (Chocolate too.)

3.) Baking (not burning) cake smells delicious.  Even Yankee Candle agrees – they produce several types of cake-scented candles.

4.) Cakes can be – and are – any shape and size.  Cake can teach us a lot about tolerance and acceptable.

5.) According to Marie A. of France, cake is an entirely suitable substitute for bread.


Five Good Things About Fridays

4 Mar

These are based off of my life, but I hope you share at least some of them!

1.) I work a lopsided schedule; Fridays are a late-start day and always feel incredibly short.

2.) I do not need to set an alarm for the next morning.

3.) Happy “hour” is frequently involved.  My friends and I are all about quality food and beverages during the outings.

4.) Pay day!

5.) Back in the day, it used to involve a pretty kickass tv line-up on ABC…Full House, Perfect Strangers, Webster, Mr. Belvedere…

Five Good Things About Henry VIII

3 Mar

Henry VIII might not have been the best husband ever (he wasn’t) and he might have been crabby (he was) and morbidly obese in his later years (a true fact), but he did accomplish some neat stuff.  Admittedly, he was also kind of a jackass, so this is a somewhat charitable perspective.

1.) Bibliophile king.  In addition to owning a bunch of books, he also wrote – and published – one himself.

2.) He was one of the founders of the Royal Navy.  He DODECATUPLED the number of ships during his reign.  That’s so big I needed to make up a conjugation.  Its navy has proven pretty key to England on multiple occasions.

3.) Whether Catholic or Protestant, it’s pretty great that he allowed the Bible to be translated into English, for comprehension by the masses.  He was the first monarch to do this.  (Granted, the number of English-speaking countries limited his competition, but still!  Bible!  English!  16th century!)

4.) His coat of arms includes a red dragon.

5.) Via his Act of Succession, his son and two daughters succeeded him.  I think it’s pretty great that he recognized his daughters, as the younger one was a pretty stellar monarch.


Five Good Things About Major Haircuts

21 Feb

Last Saturday, I left my hair salon well shorn – twelve inches.  This is a good thing.

1.) I don’t blowdry my hair.  Since my hair no longer goes most of the way down my back, the backs of my shirts are much dryer.

2.) I expect to save a bundle on hair products.

3.) My head is light.

4.) 12″ is more than enough to donate.  I chose Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

5.) Sometimes it’s time for a change and that’s okay.

Five Good Things About Sunsets

15 Oct

that bird is heading canada

1.) On a hot day, sunset means a break from the sun and its heat.

2.) They are awfully lovely, providing poetic inspiration to, well, lots of folks.  (Including me – I totally WON a ribbon in the fourth grade for a poem I wrote about Sunsets.  It included the phrases “billowing display” and “pastel flare.”  This was not a participation ribbon; this was a WINNER RIBBON.)

3.) Due to their slow-moving nature, they are easy to photograph. 

4.) Sunset means it’s almost bedtime – hooray! Except in the doldrums of winter, when it means that it’s almost dinnertime – also hooray!

5.) In some religions, fasting days end at sunset.  Fat kids like me are totally up on when their friends can and cannot eat.

Five Good Things About Graphing Calculators

23 Sep


I recently came across a TI-83 at an ANTIQUE STORE.  While this is kind of wrong on kind of a lot of levels, I’m working through it.  I never had an 83, but I did have both a TI-82 and a TI-85.  I took “special math” and we were required to have graphing calculators, making us a room of super cool dorks.  Wow, could our calculators do a lot though!

1.) With the full alphabet available, graphing calculators significantly increased note passing potential via calculator.  No more were students limited to 80085 and 0.7734 – the latter upside down.

2.) Tetris.  Snake.  Low-quality graphics, but still the best thing to do in math class.

3.) Those things were solid puppies, a weapon of self-defense in the plight against milk money thieves.

4.) They add up numbers.

5.) I think they did advanced math and stuff too.