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Five Good Things About My Plans For Tonight

28 Jan

1.) Brownies.  From a Box.

2.) Beer.  From Walgreens -store brand.  HA!

3.) Craft opportunity, in honor of Chinese New Year.

4.) Hanging with S&P, which are initials, not salt & pepper or Salt ‘N Peppa.

5.) I don’t have to think about what time it is because tomorrow is a sleep-in day!


Five Good Things About Carrots

25 Jan

1.) They contain a TON (relatively, not literally) of Vitamins A without a ton of calories or bad fats.

2.) In stick form, they make an excellent mode of transport for getting dip into my mouth.

3.) ::nibble, nibble:: “What’s up Doc?”

4.) Carrots can be eaten raw, cooked, baked, roasted, juiced, etc.  They are pretty versatile and don’t always taste the same.

5.) When intercropped with tomatoes, it increases tomato production.  That’s basically growing a vegetable soup.

Five Good Things About Toothpaste

24 Jan

1.) Toothpaste plays a big role in oral health and hygiene. (Duh.)

2.) It is an effective way to curb halitosis.

3.) Some toothpastes can be used to minimize zits.

4.) Tales from the Dorms: White toothpaste makes a great spot fill to cover up the tack holes that aren’t supposed to be in the ways.

5.) Lack of using toothpaste is kind of gross and gross is not good.

Five Good Things About Lacking Football Allegiances

23 Jan

I enjoy watching football, but I don’t feel loyalty to any specific team – college or pro.  After watching various friends be teased and taunted by “their” teams today, I’m more than all right with that.

1.) I appreciate solid plays for being solid plays, regardless of the team that executes them.  Sure, there are players I like more and less than others, but I appreciated (and cringed at) plays by all the teams in today’s division championship games.

2.) I am less likely to agree to a ridiculous bet, as a show of blind faith and devotion to my team. 

3.) I am a Red Sox fan; that in itself requires a significant investment of time and heartache.

4.) When I support a specific team, I enjoy attending their games.  Baseball in April leaves something to be desired…this makes me suspect that football in January might fall into the same category.  (Aside: I still go and enjoy going, I just enjoy the June-September games more.)

5.) People in the tundra take their teams very seriously.  Not having one of my own, I am at a reduced risk of getting into a bar fight.

Five Good Things About Birthday Cakes

22 Jan

1.) They can be made with a large variety of cake and frosting flavors and combinations.  (I personally like white cake-white frosting.)

2.) Be it 2-D or 3-D, they are personalizable.  This can lead to hilariously dated pictures…or plain old awesomeness.

3.) They are often served with ice cream.

4.) What better way to celebrate the anniversary of someone’s birth than with delicious baked goods?

5.) You are allowed to eat it for breakfast the day after the birthday.

Five Good Things About Harsh Winters

20 Jan

1.) “My skin will freeze” is a valid excuse for not running outside.

2.) I need to eat more candy/cheese, to develop a layer of fat…to keep me warm.  INSULATION.

3.) If you blow soap bubbles outside THEY EXPLODE.

4.) All of the mosquitoes are dead.

5.) Ice cream doesn’t melt on the way home from the grocery store.

Five Good Things About Beer Class

19 Jan

I went to a free beer class at the local market tonight; it was fantastic.  Here are some specifics as to how I reached that judgment:

1.) There was a wide variety of beers: blend, Belgian, IPA, Black IPA, almost-sour.

2.) In addition to beer, there was also cheese – delicious, delicious cheese.  It was free too – and it wasn’t cheap cheese.  One was $30/lb cheese.  If you want to buy $30/lb cheese, man, do I have a recommendation for you…

3.) The cost of beer class?  Zero dollars, no pesos, nyet ruble.  Free.

4.) Two of my friends attended with me.  I like my friends.  (Well, mostly.)

5.) I tried some beers that I would not normally try, one of which I will likely buy.  Yum, so good.

Five Good Things About Stephen Colbert

18 Jan

1.) Stephen Colbert is well aware of the dangers of bears.  He is quite possibly the primary voice of warning against (and fear of) bears.

2.) Among other awards, his mantle features an Emmy and a Peabody – tres prestigious!

3.) Without Stephen Colbert, we would not have the word ‘truthiness.’

4.) Ben and Jerry named an ice cream flavor after him; it’s delicious.  Even better, the proceeds from it go to charity.

5.) Although the character he portrays is a bit of a caricature, the portrayal is both hilarious and respectful.

Five Good Thing About Resolutionaries

17 Jan

Resolutionaries are the folks who make New Year resolutions to work out.  A true resolutionary is over their resolution by late January.

1.) Resolutionaries help financially support gyms – and their staff.

2.) It’s kind of nice not to worry about being “the weakest link” in a gym class.

3.) It is good that people are concerned about their health.

4.) When given the option of waiting or “graduating” to heavier weights, as the resolutionaries are (incorrectly) using the baby weights, I am more inclined to graduate myself.  Thus, resolutionaries encourage me to challenge myself.

5.) Some resolutionaries cease to be resolutionaries.

Five Good Things About the Movie ‘The King’s Speech’

16 Jan

I saw this movie with a friend yesterday; we both enjoyed it.  Admittedly, it’s rife with historical inaccuracies, but we forgave each and every one of them…as it features Colin Firth.   

1.) The movie touches on a lesser-known era in British history.  The Tudors (Henry VIII and Elizabeth I) get a fair amount of press, as does the reigning Queen Elizabeth II, but not much is said about QE2’s pops. 

2.) With a couple of exceptions (e.g. Timothy Spall as Churchill) it was a well-cast movie.

3.) The length and spacing of the silences kept things slightly uncomfortable, but not to the extent I wondered if they forgot to edit it.  As Goldilocks would say, “Just right.”

4.) Nobody got shot.  I am not opposed to action movies, but there is something calming about a movie focused on a story versus action. 

5.) The dialogue.  Both Firth and Rush had some great one-liners.  While likely inaccurate, I enjoyed the wit.