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Five Good Things About Being On Vacation

23 Dec

These People Are Likely All On Vacation/Holiday

1.) When you wake up in the morning, it is to do something fun, rather than deal with a difficult situation or person at work or tackle an unpleasant chore.  On vacation, if there isn’t something enjoyable to do, you can generally go back to sleep until there is.

2.) Vacation often involves spending time with family or friends you like, either because you are visiting them or brought them with you.

3.) It is a great excuse to do things that are special and possibly expensive; it’s okay, we’re on vacation.

4.) Sometimes you get to wear out-of-season clothes.  Not only does this shake things up, it also increases the time between which one needs to do laundry.  (Unless undergarments are your limiting factor, in that case it just livens things up.)

5.) It’s vacation.  It’s full of special treats and plans.


Five Good Things About Salt

22 Dec

1.) Iodized salt provides the body with iodine, a necessary mineral 

2.) It is totally delicious alone or as a flavor enhancer.

3.) Sprinkled on ice, it provides traction to prevent slipping.  It also helps hasten melting of said ice.

4.) Although modern conveniences like refrigeration make this less common, salt is a great preservative.  Colonists and pioneers were probably pretty grateful for salt.

5.) Table salt is just abrasive enough to be a fantastic cleaning aid (e.g. tea stains in mugs) while not likely to scratch what it is cleaning.

Five Good Things About Snow

20 Dec

woah, snow

1.) Snow insulates the ground; when it melts, it waters the grass and plants.

2.) While not ideal relative to bricks, snow can provide a fairly warm and wind-resistant shelter.

3.) Snow is fun!  Skiing, snowshoeing, skijoring, sledding, etc.  Those things require snow.

4.) I get to show off my excellent snow driving skills.  (Albeit they are now somewhat diminished as I do not drive a snow-happy car.)

5.) Without snow, there would be no Minneapolis Snow Emergency

Five Good Things About Sharon

19 Dec

My dad married Sharon in 2000 and today is her 75th birthday.  We are lucky that she is a great person and in great health.

1.) Sharon will play Scrabble with me.  My dad refuses to do so, but Sharon comes through.

2.) Personally and professionally, Sharon is a born caretaker.  She not only excels at this role, she also seems to find joy in living it.

3.) Sharon makes fantastic pickles.  Not only that, but she shares her recipe.  A great tragedy of my childhood is that my mother took her salsa recipe with her to the grave.

4.) She makes my dad happy.

5.) In addition to caring for others, Sharon also cares about her attitude and strives to remain positive and kind.  She might be 75, but she’ll never be crotchety.

Five Good things About Credit Cards

18 Dec

In an effort to save money, I have not used my credit card in ages.  (My debit card gets solid and regular workouts, but that’s totally different as it’s basically just lazy checks.)  Since it’s rarely swiped, I’ve found other uses for and good things about Visa and Mastercard, and use it when prudent.

1.) Credit cards can unlock doors in a jiffy.  While I have never done this trick, it always works like a charm on television and in movies.  Ergo, it must work like a charm: EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.

2.) They easily scrape the pen off your windshield if you get towed or something.   (This one I can personally vouch for – whoops!)  They also take ice off remarkably efficiently.

3.) If you have a platinum or other fancy card, put it in the front of your wallet or “accidentally” drop it to impress your future in-laws.  (Credit limit irrelevant.)

4.) While risky with a valid credit card, kids seem to love playing with them. 

5.) My credit card gives me cash back rewards and also offers insurance on some items I purchase with it – e.g. any flights I purchase with it automatically include trip insurance.  I never actually buy trip insurance (words I am sure I regret come Monday when I am hypothetically on an airplane) but it’s a nice bonus.

Five Good Things About Subfreezing Weather

15 Dec

1.) When doing a series of errands, if you go to the liquor store first and put your wine/beer in the trunk, it will be perfectly chilled when you are home and done with errands.

2.) No need to “prepare” yourself when quickly running outside or to the store.  You’ll be so bundled up that nobody will see how disheveled you may or may not be.

3.) Your mind can rest for the unending driving debate of “Is it more fuel efficient to run the a/c or open the window?”

4.) Outside ice skating!

5.) Trash smells less bad.

Five Good Things About Hardwood Floors

4 Dec

1.) They are super easy to clean, both for “regular” and spot.

2.) Reduce allergens and better for asthmatics

3.) On a hot day, srawling on a hardwood floor is quite satisfying.

4.) There is little risk of not seeing something before stepping on it – e.g. a contact or sharp Lego.

5.) Favored finishes might change a bit, but they are classic.