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Five Good Things About Ibuprofen

30 Nov

1.) Some pills (e.g. original Advil) have a candy-like coating

2.) Come in convenient tablets, among other forms

3.) Relief from aches, pain, and inflammation

4.) It may reduce the risk and progression of Alzheimer’s

5.) Available over the counter, easy to acquire


Five Good Things About Straws

23 Nov

1.) Swirly or bendy, spoonbottom or candy, they are kind of fun to drink out from.

2.) Straws are something of a preventative measure against spills.  It’s a lot harder to dump a non-tilted cup all over one’s self.

3.) Straws protect teeth, both the coloring and the enamel.

4.) You can bend them into things and make stuff.

5.) You can use them to suck out the air from baggies, as sealing them.

Five Good Things About Cats

22 Nov

1.) Petting them is an artform; one can spend ages perfecting it.

2.) While sometimes sharp, cats are also quite soft.

3.) Cats are particular.  If they like you, it means something.

4.) Balance, speed, and grace. 

5.) The hypothetically and hopefully catch mice.

Five Good Things About Peanut Butter

21 Nov

1.) Creamy versus chunky provides hours of scintillating debate.

2.) Many animals love it.  Use it to reward dogs or trap mice!

3.) Peanut butter is easy to travel with; the space/weight to calorie/protein ratio is fantastic.

4.) It’s cheap and there are often coupons for the PB.

5.) Peanut butter is an ingredient in both sweet baking and savory cooking.

Five Good Things About Prince William’s Engagement

17 Nov

It’s official: Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement.

1.) The tabloids and entertainment magazines were ready years ago to evolve from engagement speculation to wedding speculation

2.) I anticipate a whole slew of collectible plates, dolls, and bric-à-brac.  Hello, economic stimulation!

3.) Royal weddings yield (legitimate) royal babies – i.e. the future of the monarchy!

4.) A pretty ring is once again being worn.

5.) While millions of girls are probably in the depths of despair, at least two people are pretty darn happy.

Five Good Things About Bike Commuting

14 Nov

As a bike commuter, I am inconsistent.  Work isn’t very far from home, but I get tired and lazy and the conditions get dark, cold, and rainy/snowy.   It would probably be different if I didn’t have a car – particularly if said car didn’t get such extraordinary mileage.   I’m trying to bike commute as much as possible before the snow starts. 

1.) On a long day, bike commuting means that at least some time will be spent outside.

2.) Bikes are easy to park.  Some workplaces, mine included, have free indoor parking for bikes! 

3.) Bikes to not contribute to pollution, traffic jams, or a host of other problems; both environmental and personal.

4.) Bikes prevent me from being too much stuff to work, either for lunch or for no reason.  I go pretty minimalistic when it needs to fit on my back.

5.) It’s fun – significantly more so than fighting traffic and listening to bad talk radio.

Five Good Things About Veterans

11 Nov

Please note: This is not a post about whether this war or that conflict should be classified as right, wrong, necessary, frivolous, just, or unjust.  What it is intended as is a sign of respect and gratitude to those who protected others during or from a conflict or war that could be classified as right, wrong, necessary, frivolous, just, or unjust. 

1.) Veterans are survivors.  Not only are they survivors, because of them, other people are also survivors.

2.) Veterans do a lot for little personal pay or recognition.

3.) Veterans hold to a code and concepts such as honor and team that have faded to old ideals for others.

4.) Veterans gave more than they asked.

5.) Veterans signed on to a set ideals, despite not knowing how much would be asked of them to preserve those ideals.

Happy Veterans’ Day!  Thanks to vets, like my dad, and active duty personal.

Five Good Things About Turtle Racing

9 Nov

they are also viewable on closed-circuit television!

NOTE: The bar where this occurred claims that the turtles are well taken care of and has rules to ensure the turtles’ safety, while at the bar.

1.) Watching turtles race makes one feel fast.

2.) Turtles don’t race smart.  Spectating also makes one feel smart.  Smart AND fast; thanks turtles.

3.) It’s okay if you blink, or even if you need to pee.  Chances are low that you will miss anything.

4.) It’s a cheap date or girls’/guys’ night out.  No cover charge.

5.) Cheering for turtles can be fun, but they don’t get offended if you do not cheer for them.

Picture Dump!

8 Nov

In lieu of a post today, I added pictures to a bunch of old, pictureless posts.   The following entries now have picutres:


NOT cutting weight


cell phone insurance

magic 8 balls

fire stations

smart phones




delta shuttle flights

bike ride

Five Good Things About Brunch

7 Nov

One of my absolute favorite things to do on weekends (or anytime really, weekends are just most cooperative) is to meet friends for a lazy brunch.   Brunch groups and geographic locations change, but my affinity for brunch is a constant.

1.) Servers are most aware of the level of coffee in my cup at brunch.  Admittedly, it could be that I am least aware of my coffee to exposed cup ratio at brunch, but I’m generally pretty aware of that situation.

2.) Regardless of their dietary constraints – e.g., Atkins, Celiac, vegetarian, food allergies, weight watchers – my buddies are always able to find something they not only can eat, but also want to eat, at brunch. 

3.) While there are sometimes surprises, brunch is a pretty honest and consistent meal.  Sure there are fancy pancakes, but when one orders scrambled eggs, one tends to get just that: scrambled eggs. 

4.) Exceptions exist, but there is no need to get all fancy for a standard diner brunch.  Brunch is honest, straight-forward, and mascara free.

5.) Post-brunch naps are particularly satisfying.