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Five Good Things About Grass

31 Jul

Grassy Knoll

1.) It is a food source for lots of animals, such as cows and sheep and rabbits.

2.) When it is lush, I like how it feels between my toes.

3.) Its maintenance provides a source of income and occupation – for people of all ages.

4.) It prevents top soil from washing away.

5.) Without it, people would get awfully dirty and sore when rolling down hills in the summer.


Five Good Things About Being Short

30 Jul

 1.) More – and better! – hiding options when playing hide and seek

2.) The vertically challenged can get a lot of clothes into one load of wash.

3.) Less squished and uncomfortable airplane rides

4.) Predisposed toward being a limbo champion.

5.) People rarely ask you to help them move.

Five Good Things About My Dad

29 Jul

8th Grade School Picture

Today is my dad’s birthday!  He is in good shape physically, mentally, and emotionally, which is pretty fantastic – especially when you consider he’s 70.  There are many, many good things about him, but I will restrain myself and just share five…that’s sort of the concept here.

1.) He is a very safe and conscientious driver

2.) He knows a lot of things about a lot of things.  If I am ever on one of those shows, he’s totally coming too.

3.) He has been dealt some pretty rough circumstances, but instead of wallowing in them, he drew compassion and understanding from them.

4.) Although retired, he remains physically and mentally active.

5.) He is a fantastic father, solid co-worker, and devoted friend.

Five Good Things About Coffee

28 Jul

1.) You can make a statement with your purchase.  For example, I am all about the fair trade beans.

2.) Not only are the grounds biodegradable, but they make excellent plant food and repel ants.

3.) Coffee is not just for drinking; it is also great for cooking and baking.

4.) Black coffee contains a negligible number of calories, while still being delicious.  What?  Have a donut?

5.) Admittedly it’s a bit lame, but meeting for coffee is a pretty safe first date.  As a bonus, it’s caffeinated, in case the other party is boring.

Five Good Things About Chopsticks

27 Jul

These are my fancy chopsticks; they were a gift

1.) They are producible from a variety of sources,  to match political, cost, local, and aesthetic preferences

2.) You can get a glimpse into your future, depending on how you hold them.

3.) In the event of a bear rushing toward your table, you have something with which to poke it in the eye.

4.) At least for me, they slow down my eating, resulting in forced savoring and improved digestion.

5.) In a pinch, a bunch of chopsticks could be combined to play a rousing game of pick-up sticks.

Five Good Things About Cindy

26 Jul

Cindy is my friend that instigates the go-arounds and brought the concept of five good things to me.

1.) I met her on an athletic team for which her body type is pretty much the antithesis of ideal.  She didn’t care and neither did anyone else.

2.) She is a teacher and so awesome at it that I’m tempted to move when my eventual kids could have her as a teacher.   (NB: I have high standards for educators, so this is not meager praise.)

3.) She’s got lots of spunk.

4.) She is mostly a vegetarian, but will occasionally eat bacon.

5.) She has thick, healthy, shiny, gorgeous hair; she grows it out and donates it.

Five Good Things About Blogging

25 Jul

One of my friends often instigates “go-arounds” where everyone responds to the same question.   Our most common go-around is  to each share five (recent) good things about our lives.   I’m stepping the concept up and coming up with five good things about various things.  Since this is a blog, I am going to start with five good things about…BLOGGING!

1.) It is widely available, at minimal – if any – cost to the masses, both to create and to read.

2.) I find awesome recipes on blogs that aren’t mine.

3.) Sometimes blogs make people feel better about themselves and their situations, for both the right and the wrong reasons.

4.) Blogging provides an emotional and a creative outlet.

5.) Blogs can be – and are – about pretty much anything and everything, at times in a single blog.