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Five Good Things About Dragons

15 Mar

1.) Their addition classes up any coat of arms.

2.) They are excellent at protecting gold.

3.) With little effort, they can toast a marshmallow.

4.) Dragons provide a cheap and renewable source of heat.  (Unfortunately not entirely green.)

5.) While sometimes stars of books and movies, dragons tend to keep their egos in check.


Five Good Things About Cake

9 Mar

Cake is different than birthday cake.

1.) Containing milk, eggs, and flour, cake is practically a health food.

2.) If milk, eggs, and flour aren’t healthy enough, there are cake recipes with carrots, fruit, or nuts.  (Chocolate too.)

3.) Baking (not burning) cake smells delicious.  Even Yankee Candle agrees – they produce several types of cake-scented candles.

4.) Cakes can be – and are – any shape and size.  Cake can teach us a lot about tolerance and acceptable.

5.) According to Marie A. of France, cake is an entirely suitable substitute for bread.

Five Good Things About The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

8 Mar

I’m currently reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.  I am going to make a SUPREME effort not to spoil anything.  To assist myself in that effort, I am writing this while I still have thirty-two pages left to read.

1.) The answer to “life, the universe, everything” is revealed – hooray!

2.) Even though there are some tragic bits – e.g. a sperm whale dies before it really lives, Earth gets destroyed – there is nothing sad in a way that one would personally relate to.  Similarly, this is a not a book that will cause the average-to-highly spookable person nightmares.

3.) Random things – e.g. babelfish – will actually make sense.

4.) The dialogue and plot are quick and smart.

5.) It is the sort of book that can be read all in one go (because it is enjoyable) or bit by bit (because it is memorable).

Five Good Things About The Catcher in the Rye

1 Mar

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger isn’t my favorite book, but I read it anyway.  I think that qualifies me as a better-rounded reader.  I didn’t loathe it or anything, rather it just didn’t do much for me…Regardless, it does have some good points:

1.) The chapters are short.  I suspect this is because it was originally published in serial form (fact), but it breaks things up really nicely and keeps the flow of the pages quick.

2.) The sentence “All I can say is, don’t see it if you don’t want to puke all over yourself.”  (Chapter 18) cracked me right up.  I’m not sure exactly why it cracked me up, but it sure did.  I think I might work that sentence into conversation.

3.) It’s a quick read.  Some books are big commitments; this is not one of them.  (Pillars of the Earth and The Coming Plague, I’m looking at you.)  Sometimes I don’t want a big commitment from a book.

4.) In addition to being a quick read, it’s a physically light read.  Fantastic for commuting or while working out on a stationary bike.

5.) Despite being a “little” and “quick” book, it manages to say a lot.

Five Good Things About Literal Glass Ceilings

11 Feb

glass ceiling, plant, light

1.) Glass ceilings maximize use of natural light, which is both cost and energy efficient.

2.) During a rainstorm, a glass ceiling provides a rhythmic and impromptu concert.

3.) Glass ceilings allow those under them to stargaze, without being exposed to harsh elements.

4.) Glass ceilings are highly beneficial to plants.

5.) Glass ceilings are significantly more fire resistant than a material like thatch.

Five Good Things About Driving a Hybrid Car

9 Jan

this spot is near the door


1.) Preferential parking.

2.) Pretty good mileage.

3.) Increased popularity with neighbors, due to quiet engine and minimal emissions.

4.) You can confuse people by doing things like putting a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker on it.

5.) Tax credit!

Five Good Things About The Food Network

8 Jan

The Food Network is one of the approximately five channels I watch.  I watch it because it is good and I like it; somethings do not need to be all complicated.  Here are some good things about Food Network:

1.) Some chefs and personalities are kinda cute.

2.) Food Network gives me ideas of things to home cook, both directly (recipes) and indirectly (ideas).

3.) While I have not seen every show and some contestants can be a bit eccentric, there aren’t any real jerks or idiots on Food Network.  Sure, some cooks can be a bit pretentious, but they are consistent and usually based on actual skill. 

4.) It’s safe to watch Food Network before bed, as it’s not likely to cause nightmares.  Similarly, it’s family friendly.

5.) Many of the recipes are also available online at .  Yum.

Five Good Things About Fraggles

6 Jan

fraggle siting in "outer space"

1.) Fraggles dance their cares away.

2.) Worries ARE for another day.

3.) They go to a trash heap for advice; good work not judging based on appearances.

4.) Their theme song is pretty rad.

5.) In the words of Jim Henson, “It is a high-energy, raucous musical romp. It’s a lot of silliness. It’s wonderful.”

Five Good Things About “Informative” Signs

3 Jan

big hand or small toilet?

1.) Signs do not require a person to read.  For example, the sign above clearly illustrates that I oughtn’t throw an entire container of dental floss into a toilet.

2.) Knowing the local language is irrelevant with a helpful illustrated sign.

3.) Signs can provide a conversation starter.

4.) Signs provide useful information.  This is especially great when knowledgable people are either not present or grumpy.

5.) Whether text, illustrated, or both, signs provide something to look at when an additional task or distraction is appreciated.  I particularly like texty signs as I can use them as starting points for word games.

Five Good Things About Cows (moo)

1 Jan

1.) The cow and its moo play a vital role in my favorite knock-knock joke:

Me: Knock-Knock

Your Mom: Who’s there?

Me: Interupting cow.

Your Mom: Interup—-


I know it seems like it could be an interupting chicken or an interupting wildebeast, but that would just not be the same.  It’s an interupting cow.

2.) With no disrespect intended toward vegetarians and Hindus, cows are delicious.   I say that as a former vegetarian.

3.) Cows were colonists!  (C ow-lonists?) They totally arrived in Jamestown in 1611.

4.) Their genome is mapped.

5.) Male cows are vital to the running of the bulls.  VITAL.