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Five Good Things About Working In the Suburbs

22 Feb

I’m a bit mixed up in that I live in the city and work in the suburbs.  But!  That allows me plenty of car time to think up things like “good things about working in the suburbs.”

1.) Parking is easy and ample.

2.) Gas is way cheaper; I make it a point to fill my tank near work.

3.) I might commute, but it’s a reverse commute.

4.) Things are very clean.

5.) The immediate outside is pleasant, verdant, and calm.


Five Good Things About Major Haircuts

21 Feb

Last Saturday, I left my hair salon well shorn – twelve inches.  This is a good thing.

1.) I don’t blowdry my hair.  Since my hair no longer goes most of the way down my back, the backs of my shirts are much dryer.

2.) I expect to save a bundle on hair products.

3.) My head is light.

4.) 12″ is more than enough to donate.  I chose Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

5.) Sometimes it’s time for a change and that’s okay.

Five Good Things About Socks

17 Feb

1.) They hide my unsightly winter feet.  Seriously, the clompers are hideous.  There is work to be done.

2.) Socks keep my feet warmer and drier than no socks.

3.) Wearing them inside (sans shoes) typically keeps both my feet and my floors cleaner.

4.) They provide an odor barrier between foot and shoe.

5.) In a pinch, a pair of tall socks can quickly be converted to makeshift legwarmers.

Five Good Things About Grilling

13 Feb

yum. yum, yum, yum.

I miss grilling.  Soon!

1.) You can prepare a well-balanced meal entirely on a grill.  It can be as healthy or unhealthy as you desire.

2.) Hanging around a grill is conducive to good conversation.  Grilling requires some attention, so you probably should stay somewhat nearby, but not a lot, so conversation is acceptable.

3.) Grilling generally involves being outside.  I am a big fan of al fresco dining and/or preparation.

4.) Grilling tends to keep kitchens clean.  When it doesn’t, well, the mess probably didn’t have to happen in the kitchen.

5.)  Quite frankly, the results are delicious.

Five Good Things About Lonely Commutes

12 Feb

i think the city lost money on this one...

Given hours and location, I usually drive or bike to work.  Unplowed streets (read: no parking) and a snowed-in car will definitely drive me to public transit.  Don’t get me wrong: I am a HUGE fan and advocate of public transit.  It just isn’t logical for my current work commute, although returning to a public-transit commute is definite consideration for my next move.  

1.) The only music you get to enjoy is your own.  Ditto phone conversations.  (I elected to enjoy quiet instead of either of the above.)

2.) Nobody tries to read your book/paper over your shoulder.

3.) Lower probability of odor a stranger’s urine or tuna and onion sandwich.

4.) The doors seldom open, better maintaining the temperature.

5.) Ample and unshared leg and elbow room.

Five Good Things About Literal Glass Ceilings

11 Feb

glass ceiling, plant, light

1.) Glass ceilings maximize use of natural light, which is both cost and energy efficient.

2.) During a rainstorm, a glass ceiling provides a rhythmic and impromptu concert.

3.) Glass ceilings allow those under them to stargaze, without being exposed to harsh elements.

4.) Glass ceilings are highly beneficial to plants.

5.) Glass ceilings are significantly more fire resistant than a material like thatch.

Five Good Things About Big Flats Beer

10 Feb

This is dedicated to S&P, friends not agents of seasoning.  They told me about Big Flats and have paid for all (both) of the Big Flats I have consumed to date.  Here is a review of our experience.

1.) It’s made from the choicest hops.
2.) At $2.99/6 pack, it’s a bargain.  To put that in perspective, you can buy TWO cans of Big Flats at Walgreens or ONE small fry at McDonalds for the same price.
3.) It comes in cans!  As previously discussed, this can be a very, very good thing.
4.) According to the can, “the water makes it” – I would not want to drink any beer NOT made with water.  This is one of my non-negotiable standards for beer.
5.) Since it is only available at Walgreens, it is easy to buy as part of a multi-purpose errand.  Pick up some Big Flats with your antibiotics, milk, paperclips, and the pictures from Nana’s 80th Birthday Celebration.

Five Good Things About Big Snows

9 Feb

snow no!

If you don’t live under a rock or a snowbank, you are likely aware that there has been some snowing going on this winter.  In an effort to curb the whining, here are some positives about the big snows:

1.) Snow insulates.  I suspect to see a large savings on my heat bill for this month.

2.) Large snows bury cars.  Buried cars reduce the number of cars on the roads.  Typically, these are cars I do not want on the roads.

3.) Check your local laws and standards, but some places allow (or don’t enforce the lack of allowing) dibsies on parking spots.  This means after you dig out your car, you can mark your spot with a chair or some such bit.  When you return home, your spot is waiting for you.  Before people get up in arms, I used to live somewhere that actually permitted dibsies.  Now I live somewhere where my rent includes parking.  This is me thinking of others.

4.) Snow days for the weak, bragging points for the hardy.

5.) Winter sports and activities are more viable and fun.