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Five Good Things About Magic 8 Balls

29 Sep

answers inside

1.) I own a small one and it proven instrumental in the making of some key decisions.

2.) Magic 8 gives concise answers.

3.) When M8B doesn’t know the answer, it’s honest and upfront – e.g. “reply hazy, try again.”

4.) A classic Magic 8 Ball matches everything.

5.) With 50% positive answers, 25% negative answers, and 25% noncommittal/vague answers; the Magic 8 Ball is more positive than the majority of its users.


Five Good Things About Nachos

28 Sep

alllllll for me!

1.) They don’t require any utensils, which reduces the number of dirty dishes.  Heavy nachos can always be eaten with additional chips – sort of like a Tex-Mex version of injera.

2.) If made with whole grain/flax chips, extra beans, salsa fresco, and avocado; they could totally be considered a health good.   The Weight Watchers point value would still be pretty high, but the nutritional content is there.

3.) Through easy substitutions (e.g. vegetarian chili/beans for meat, corn tortillas) nachos can meet the dietary requirements of various people – without bumming out the traditionalists.  It’s generally nice to have everyone at the table able to eat the same thing.

4.) Properly cared for, the ingredients for nachos can be purchased well ahead of time.  For this, I”m thinking less my typical delicious shredded chicken nachos and more a bag of chips, a can of chili,* and some shredded cheese that’s processed enough to hang out in a fridge for a month or two.

5.) The puns, oh the puns.  There’s all the “na-cho noun” stuff and then the classic “Nacho Man” song.  There’s a lot to like/loath.

*Wordpress asked me if I meant “Chile” – seriously?  I mean, I can understand asking me about typically confused words, such as accept/except,** but Chile/chili?  I’ve got those down.

**A good memory trick for accept/except is a very easy noun – aven AcceptVerbExceptNoun

Five Good Things About Cheese

27 Sep

1.) There are so many varieties, mostly delicious and unique.

2.) It is an excellent source of calcium, which is vital to strong bones and healthy teeth.

3.) Due to hard v soft cheese and cow v goat v sheep, some people who are unable to enjoy other (lesser) dairy products are more apt to be able to enjoy cheese.

4.) The curds squeak.

5.) It melts, it shreds, it chunks, it spreads, it coats, it oozes.

Five Good Things About Potatoes

25 Sep

1.) They are the primary ingredient in lefse.

2.) Mashed potatoes have provided an early entry to sculpture for generations.

3.) They can be prepared in delicious ways for any meal.

4.) Chips!  Crisps! Fries!  Poutine!  Vodka!

5.) They pretty much prevented all of Ireland from starving, and I like the Irish.

Five Good Things About Fall

24 Sep

rowing + leaves = fall

1.) The temperatures are perfect for me.   There is often a light breeze.  Unlike spring, the risk of residual, dirty slush is minimal.

2.) Candy is all over (for Halloween) and soon will be on clearance (Nov 1!)

3.) Oktoberfest beers are out.  Yum.  Heck, Oktoberfest is out – my neighborhood hosts one.

4.) Crunchy leaves.  Stomp, stomp. 

5.) Harvest fruits and vegetables, available in u-pick and at farmers’ markets.

Five Good Things About Graphing Calculators

23 Sep


I recently came across a TI-83 at an ANTIQUE STORE.  While this is kind of wrong on kind of a lot of levels, I’m working through it.  I never had an 83, but I did have both a TI-82 and a TI-85.  I took “special math” and we were required to have graphing calculators, making us a room of super cool dorks.  Wow, could our calculators do a lot though!

1.) With the full alphabet available, graphing calculators significantly increased note passing potential via calculator.  No more were students limited to 80085 and 0.7734 – the latter upside down.

2.) Tetris.  Snake.  Low-quality graphics, but still the best thing to do in math class.

3.) Those things were solid puppies, a weapon of self-defense in the plight against milk money thieves.

4.) They add up numbers.

5.) I think they did advanced math and stuff too.

Five Good Things About Fleecy Socks

22 Sep

It’s not quite winter yet, but my feet and I are getting ready for it.

1.) Reasonable folks hold no expectation of fleece socks matching.

2.) They are machine washable and safe to go into the dryer.

3.) The thickness of the fabric helps the heels last a long, long time.

4.) The are soft and warm.

5.) If you impulsively kick someone while wearing fleece socks, it isn’t so bad ESPECIALLY relative to steel-toed boots.  I mean, hey, it’s just fleecy socks!

Five Good Things About Smart Phones

21 Sep

my phone is smarter than your mom

I recently graduated to a “big girl” phone, and I am loving it.   The novelty has yet to wear off, so it has yet to become an electronic leash.

1.) Whack-A-Mole App: an appropriate way to relieve frustration (in thirty-second increments).

2.) GRE Prep Apps: So I can be productive anytime, anywhere.

3.) Maps and contact info: Because I have NO SENSE OF DIRECTION.

4.) My online calendar and contacts are synced to my phone.  (Confession: This is actually a little annoying, as it auntomatically downloaded some people I’d rather not have in my phone, because I don’t particularly care to communicate with them.)

4.5) I can share the Minneapolis Snow Emergency video no matter where I am!

5.) I can take high-quality pictures and video, which are easily sharable.

Five Good Things About the TV Show The Family Guy

20 Sep

Because it’s on the television right now…

1.) It plays homage to the pop culture of my childhood.

2.) Characters with accents.

3.) It’s off-color in a hilarious way.

4.) I can sort of watch it with my family.

5.) It is only thirty minutes, with commercials.   This is about as long as I can watch television in one go.

Five Good Things About Yogurt

19 Sep

Yo! Gurt.

1.) Yogurt is easy on the belly and often helps relieve/prevent some GI issues.

2.) It is reasonably priced and there are frequent sales on and coupons for yogurt.

3.) It comes in a variety of flavors – fruity, plain, and dessert-y.

4.) Yogurt is an ingredient for many easy, healthy, and tasty dips, sauces, and smoothies.

5.) It can be frozen for a delicious special treat.