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Five Good Things About Henry VIII

3 Mar

Henry VIII might not have been the best husband ever (he wasn’t) and he might have been crabby (he was) and morbidly obese in his later years (a true fact), but he did accomplish some neat stuff.  Admittedly, he was also kind of a jackass, so this is a somewhat charitable perspective.

1.) Bibliophile king.  In addition to owning a bunch of books, he also wrote – and published – one himself.

2.) He was one of the founders of the Royal Navy.  He DODECATUPLED the number of ships during his reign.  That’s so big I needed to make up a conjugation.  Its navy has proven pretty key to England on multiple occasions.

3.) Whether Catholic or Protestant, it’s pretty great that he allowed the Bible to be translated into English, for comprehension by the masses.  He was the first monarch to do this.  (Granted, the number of English-speaking countries limited his competition, but still!  Bible!  English!  16th century!)

4.) His coat of arms includes a red dragon.

5.) Via his Act of Succession, his son and two daughters succeeded him.  I think it’s pretty great that he recognized his daughters, as the younger one was a pretty stellar monarch.



Five Good Things About Miranda

13 Jan

My Miranda is classier than a Mercedes.

I haven’t done five goods about a proper noun person in almost a month, so it’s clearly time for me to gloat about how great one someone I personally know is. 

1.) Miranda left a corporate job to take a job that’s her passion.  The passion-job is labor-intensive, but she rarely has anything negative to say about it.  She works a lot, but she loves what she does and she’s dang good at it.

2.) Following college, I felt reluctant to join a local athletic team due to its reputation.  Miranda challenged me to form my own opinions (by suggesting me as a substitute when the team needed a sub) which I did.  I loved being a member of that team and will rejoin it when I live in the “right” city.

3.) I trust nobody more than Miranda to cut my hair.  This is pretty big.  Since we live far away from each other, I did have to accept that other people now cut my hair, but they don’t do it very often and it took me a solid nine months (and two flights) to accept that fact. 

4.) Pretty much anything Miranda writes is well-written and enjoyable to read. 

5.) Miranda can be blunt and is always honest.  She is someone who will not lie to me to spare my feelings, but will find a kind way to say things when necessary and is a kind person, so it’s okay to hear things like “wear deodorant” from her.  (NB: I do actually wear deodorant and we never had a “You Smell” conversation, although she would instigate one if I did smell, which I really appreciate.)