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Five Good Things About Garlic

12 Jan

sauté with olive oil and...pretty much any veg

1.) Garlic wards off vampires, including Dracula.  This is a valid concern of mine – circa 1984.  (Now I want to know if it will ward off Twilight fans.)

2.) As stated in the caption, my fallback option for pretty much any green vegetable (e.g., kale, spinach, green beans) is to sauté it in garlic and olive oil.

3.) Health benefits.  I’m no kind of doctor (i.e. not medical advice) but garlic is supposed to protect against cancer, heart disease, and scurvy; as well as fighting colds.

4.) Dude.  There’s a garlic festival!  It’s annual and in California – that’s totally legit!  It’s probably family friendly and not boring.

5.) It is available year-round and lasts for a long time, even in the tundra.


Five Good Things About Hops

11 Jan

hops: a key ingredient in beer


1.) Hops possess some antibacterial qualities.

2.) Hops make beer worth drinking.

3.) Hops also have some folk/herbal medicinal uses, commonly being employed to relieve sleeplessness, anxiety, and restlessness…sort of like beer?

4.) Hop farming is labor intensive.  Labor intensive = jobs!

5.) Apparently, they make a lovely fill for pillows.  I love sleep, so this seems pretty great.

Five Good Things About Driving a Hybrid Car

9 Jan

this spot is near the door


1.) Preferential parking.

2.) Pretty good mileage.

3.) Increased popularity with neighbors, due to quiet engine and minimal emissions.

4.) You can confuse people by doing things like putting a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker on it.

5.) Tax credit!

Five Good Things About The Food Network

8 Jan

The Food Network is one of the approximately five channels I watch.  I watch it because it is good and I like it; somethings do not need to be all complicated.  Here are some good things about Food Network:

1.) Some chefs and personalities are kinda cute.

2.) Food Network gives me ideas of things to home cook, both directly (recipes) and indirectly (ideas).

3.) While I have not seen every show and some contestants can be a bit eccentric, there aren’t any real jerks or idiots on Food Network.  Sure, some cooks can be a bit pretentious, but they are consistent and usually based on actual skill. 

4.) It’s safe to watch Food Network before bed, as it’s not likely to cause nightmares.  Similarly, it’s family friendly.

5.) Many of the recipes are also available online at foodnetwork.com .  Yum.

Five Good Things About Fraggles

6 Jan

fraggle siting in "outer space"

1.) Fraggles dance their cares away.

2.) Worries ARE for another day.

3.) They go to a trash heap for advice; good work not judging based on appearances.

4.) Their theme song is pretty rad.

5.) In the words of Jim Henson, “It is a high-energy, raucous musical romp. It’s a lot of silliness. It’s wonderful.”

Five Good Things About Naps

5 Jan

Naps are one of my favorites, and not just because I am good at napping.

1.) A good nap leaves me feeling refreshed.

2.) Napping often leads to increased productivity…once I manage to get out of bed.

3.) It’s a great way to get in touch with one’s inner…cat?

4.) When kidlets nap, their adults get a break and/or a chance to do thrilling things, such as tidy up, eat, or go to the bathroom alone.

5.) Getting enough sleep is vital to staying healthy and not getting crabby.

Five Good Things About Jell-O

4 Jan

1.) It is versatile enough to be used in fruit and veggie Jell-O salads.

2.) You can eat it when on a clear liquid diet.

3.) Well advertised – “J-E-L-L-O!” has a distinct and consistent sound in my head.

4.) Bill Cosby did their commercials for awhile.

5.) Jigglers.

Five Good Things About Short Days

2 Jan

The tundra is on the right side of winter, with regard to hours of daylight per day, but there still isn’t much of it – particularly on cloudy days.  (I’m greedy.)

1.) There is a reduced risk of sunburn when there is less sun.

2.) The sun sets before I leave work, eliminating that annoying “driving into the sun” vision issue.

3.) Increased opportunities for stargazing.

4.) It feels less lame to go to bed at 8pm when it is dark. (Sadly an infrequent benefit.)

5.) I appreciate working in a field where I can generally get outside during the limited hours of daylight.

Five Good Things About Cows (moo)

1 Jan

1.) The cow and its moo play a vital role in my favorite knock-knock joke:

Me: Knock-Knock

Your Mom: Who’s there?

Me: Interupting cow.

Your Mom: Interup—-


I know it seems like it could be an interupting chicken or an interupting wildebeast, but that would just not be the same.  It’s an interupting cow.

2.) With no disrespect intended toward vegetarians and Hindus, cows are delicious.   I say that as a former vegetarian.

3.) Cows were colonists!  (C ow-lonists?) They totally arrived in Jamestown in 1611.

4.) Their genome is mapped.

5.) Male cows are vital to the running of the bulls.  VITAL.

Five Good Things About Being On Vacation

23 Dec

These People Are Likely All On Vacation/Holiday

1.) When you wake up in the morning, it is to do something fun, rather than deal with a difficult situation or person at work or tackle an unpleasant chore.  On vacation, if there isn’t something enjoyable to do, you can generally go back to sleep until there is.

2.) Vacation often involves spending time with family or friends you like, either because you are visiting them or brought them with you.

3.) It is a great excuse to do things that are special and possibly expensive; it’s okay, we’re on vacation.

4.) Sometimes you get to wear out-of-season clothes.  Not only does this shake things up, it also increases the time between which one needs to do laundry.  (Unless undergarments are your limiting factor, in that case it just livens things up.)

5.) It’s vacation.  It’s full of special treats and plans.