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Five Good Things About Girl Scout Cookies

10 Mar

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

1.) You might think that you are buying yourself delicious cookies, but you are actually supporting kids, specifically girls.

2.) Thin Mints freeze up so fantastically.  They also go well in homemade ice cream.

3.) Their shelf life is long.  I sort of have a box left from last year.  Until last weekend, I had three boxes from last year.  We “took care of” two of those boxes, quite happily, and with no ill effects.

4.) Deep discussions over the different names of the cookies.  Are they Samoas or Caramel Delights?  Tagalongs or Peanut Butter Patties?

5.) There is no additional tax.  The math on buying them is super easy, so easy a child can manage it.