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Five Good Things About Today

11 Mar

1.) I am going on vacation!  I will see the sun and the populace will see my pasty white skins.

2.) Originally I planned to take a vacation day, but then my employer offered me a better deal: work for three hours and just get the rest of the day off.  Boom, done.

3.) Because of the hours I am working, I should not have to deal with traffic issues in either direction of my commute.

4.) It’s Friday, which means the people around me will also likely be in chipper moods.

5.) I get to see some of my family tonight.


Five Good Things About Fridays

4 Mar

These are based off of my life, but I hope you share at least some of them!

1.) I work a lopsided schedule; Fridays are a late-start day and always feel incredibly short.

2.) I do not need to set an alarm for the next morning.

3.) Happy “hour” is frequently involved.  My friends and I are all about quality food and beverages during the outings.

4.) Pay day!

5.) Back in the day, it used to involve a pretty kickass tv line-up on ABC…Full House, Perfect Strangers, Webster, Mr. Belvedere…

Five Good Things About My Plans For Tonight

28 Jan

1.) Brownies.  From a Box.

2.) Beer.  From Walgreens -store brand.  HA!

3.) Craft opportunity, in honor of Chinese New Year.

4.) Hanging with S&P, which are initials, not salt & pepper or Salt ‘N Peppa.

5.) I don’t have to think about what time it is because tomorrow is a sleep-in day!