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Five Good Things About Cake

9 Mar

Cake is different than birthday cake.

1.) Containing milk, eggs, and flour, cake is practically a health food.

2.) If milk, eggs, and flour aren’t healthy enough, there are cake recipes with carrots, fruit, or nuts.  (Chocolate too.)

3.) Baking (not burning) cake smells delicious.  Even Yankee Candle agrees – they produce several types of cake-scented candles.

4.) Cakes can be – and are – any shape and size.  Cake can teach us a lot about tolerance and acceptable.

5.) According to Marie A. of France, cake is an entirely suitable substitute for bread.


Five Good Things About Birthday Cakes

22 Jan

1.) They can be made with a large variety of cake and frosting flavors and combinations.  (I personally like white cake-white frosting.)

2.) Be it 2-D or 3-D, they are personalizable.  This can lead to hilariously dated pictures…or plain old awesomeness.

3.) They are often served with ice cream.

4.) What better way to celebrate the anniversary of someone’s birth than with delicious baked goods?

5.) You are allowed to eat it for breakfast the day after the birthday.