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Five Good Things About My Vacation

14 Mar

1.) I went to a spring training baseball game. I left the game with a ball.

2.) I went for a bike ride this morning, outside, wearing shorts.

3.) My dad grilled steaks for Sunday dinner. There is just something extra delicious about meat grilled by one’s dad.

4.) Different time zone means sleeping in comes across and up at a reasonable hour.

5.) After my bike ride, I was in the mood for some OJ. So! I picked some oranges and squeezed them. Farm to table folks, farm to table.


Five Good Things About Today

11 Mar

1.) I am going on vacation!  I will see the sun and the populace will see my pasty white skins.

2.) Originally I planned to take a vacation day, but then my employer offered me a better deal: work for three hours and just get the rest of the day off.  Boom, done.

3.) Because of the hours I am working, I should not have to deal with traffic issues in either direction of my commute.

4.) It’s Friday, which means the people around me will also likely be in chipper moods.

5.) I get to see some of my family tonight.

Five Good Things About Lonely Commutes

12 Feb

i think the city lost money on this one...

Given hours and location, I usually drive or bike to work.  Unplowed streets (read: no parking) and a snowed-in car will definitely drive me to public transit.  Don’t get me wrong: I am a HUGE fan and advocate of public transit.  It just isn’t logical for my current work commute, although returning to a public-transit commute is definite consideration for my next move.  

1.) The only music you get to enjoy is your own.  Ditto phone conversations.  (I elected to enjoy quiet instead of either of the above.)

2.) Nobody tries to read your book/paper over your shoulder.

3.) Lower probability of odor a stranger’s urine or tuna and onion sandwich.

4.) The doors seldom open, better maintaining the temperature.

5.) Ample and unshared leg and elbow room.

Five Good Things About Being On Vacation

23 Dec

These People Are Likely All On Vacation/Holiday

1.) When you wake up in the morning, it is to do something fun, rather than deal with a difficult situation or person at work or tackle an unpleasant chore.  On vacation, if there isn’t something enjoyable to do, you can generally go back to sleep until there is.

2.) Vacation often involves spending time with family or friends you like, either because you are visiting them or brought them with you.

3.) It is a great excuse to do things that are special and possibly expensive; it’s okay, we’re on vacation.

4.) Sometimes you get to wear out-of-season clothes.  Not only does this shake things up, it also increases the time between which one needs to do laundry.  (Unless undergarments are your limiting factor, in that case it just livens things up.)

5.) It’s vacation.  It’s full of special treats and plans.

Five Good Things About Bike Commuting

14 Nov

As a bike commuter, I am inconsistent.  Work isn’t very far from home, but I get tired and lazy and the conditions get dark, cold, and rainy/snowy.   It would probably be different if I didn’t have a car – particularly if said car didn’t get such extraordinary mileage.   I’m trying to bike commute as much as possible before the snow starts. 

1.) On a long day, bike commuting means that at least some time will be spent outside.

2.) Bikes are easy to park.  Some workplaces, mine included, have free indoor parking for bikes! 

3.) Bikes to not contribute to pollution, traffic jams, or a host of other problems; both environmental and personal.

4.) Bikes prevent me from being too much stuff to work, either for lunch or for no reason.  I go pretty minimalistic when it needs to fit on my back.

5.) It’s fun – significantly more so than fighting traffic and listening to bad talk radio.

Five Good Things About Being Home

26 Oct

I got back from a trip this evening.  My return is a bit bittersweet as I really love the friends and city I just left, but there are good things about being back at my current address.

1.) I get mail at home. 

2.) My real bed is freakishly soft, due to its two featherbeds.  Most non-home beds do not resemble sleeping in clouds.

3.) I have a ton of food at home, all of which I can eat and all of which I (at various times) like to eat.  I am super excited to eat home food for lunch tomorrow.  (Aside: Who gets excited about lentils and rice?)

4.) The sheets in #2 above, along with my towels, smell like Downy (april fresh).  This is the official smell of home – and it’s soft!

5.) While I possess the ability to MacGyver myself out of a lot of situations, it’s nice to instead be prepared for those situations.

Five Good Things About Delta Shuttle Flights

25 Oct

free coffee! free juice! free love!

I feel a little apprehensive to post this as I still need to return to the tundra.  I last flew on Delta in ’03; the time between my Delta flights being due to my holding a grudge over a Delta error.  I’m once again flying them as they merged with Northwest, an airline with which I hold a freakton of frequent flyer miles.  So far, so good!  I might be able to move beyond this one…

1.) Complimentary coffee, tea, and juice awaited me in my terminal.  Not on the plane, where we were also offered complimentary beverage service – as still standard – but ALSO in the waiting area of the terminal.  I fly out of a terrible airport where nothing is free.

2.) In addition to free beverages, Delta Shuttle also provided complimentary newspapers (WSJ, NY Times, USA Today, and local).  If I had not been super tired, I could have spent the flight looking super pretentious.  Again with the free – good work, Delta.

3.) On the first leg of my trip, I had an entire row to myself.  As an petite person, this meant that I could lean against the bulkhead (sitting sideways) and the entirety of my legs were on seat.  (I sat in the window on the second leg; this is my general preference.)

4.) While not direct, there are a ton of flights out of my airport, to places I want to go.

5.) I slept fantastically.

Five Good Things About Hybrid Cars

18 Aug
That’s some mileage.

1.) The lack of pick up decreases the allure of drag racing

2.) Special parking!

3.) Tax deduction.

4.) That environmental thing.

5.) Based on my experience, you CAN stuff HALF A TON of passengers and their luggage into a compact hybrid and still get 34 mpg.


Five Good Things About Being Short on an Airplane

13 Aug

side-by-side shorties

I know I sort of already did this, but I just flew (and boy are my arms tired!) and honestly, it is a whole other kind of good to be short on an airplane.

1.) Short people can curl up in their seats for a nice snooze.

2.) It doesn’t matter if your carry-on bag takes up the whole of the space under the seat in front of you AS YOUR LEGS CAN’T REACH THAT SPACE ANYWAY.

3.) That carry-on bag?  You can fit a week’s worth of small clothes in it.

4.) It’s fine to stand up as soon as cleared upon landing, as it isn’t like your head is going to bang into anything.

5.) Nobody asks you to help them reach/remove the box of bricks they shoved into the overhead compartment.

Five Good Things About Indiana

1 Aug

Indiana: Crossroad of America!

I spent the weekend in Indiana, a state with some good points.  Here are five of them:

1.) It’s pretty common knowledge that Michael Jackson and Johnny Appleseed were born in Indiana; but Florence Henderson, James Dean, Garfield the Cat, and Benjamin Harrison also all called Indiana home.

2.) The Hoosier State lends itself to endless puns and painful wordplay (e.g. Hoosier Daddy?) which just gets funnier and funnier.

3.) Corn.  I like corn; Indiana farmers grow good corn.

4.) Undeveloped land.  State and National Parks.  The Indiana Dunes are likely to be the destination for one of my next hikes.

5.) Munster, Indiana is home to Three Floyds Brewery, where they make one of my favorite beers.  (Gumballhead)