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Five Good Things About Today

11 Mar

1.) I am going on vacation!  I will see the sun and the populace will see my pasty white skins.

2.) Originally I planned to take a vacation day, but then my employer offered me a better deal: work for three hours and just get the rest of the day off.  Boom, done.

3.) Because of the hours I am working, I should not have to deal with traffic issues in either direction of my commute.

4.) It’s Friday, which means the people around me will also likely be in chipper moods.

5.) I get to see some of my family tonight.


Five Good Things About Working In the Suburbs

22 Feb

I’m a bit mixed up in that I live in the city and work in the suburbs.  But!  That allows me plenty of car time to think up things like “good things about working in the suburbs.”

1.) Parking is easy and ample.

2.) Gas is way cheaper; I make it a point to fill my tank near work.

3.) I might commute, but it’s a reverse commute.

4.) Things are very clean.

5.) The immediate outside is pleasant, verdant, and calm.

Five Good Things About Major Haircuts

21 Feb

Last Saturday, I left my hair salon well shorn – twelve inches.  This is a good thing.

1.) I don’t blowdry my hair.  Since my hair no longer goes most of the way down my back, the backs of my shirts are much dryer.

2.) I expect to save a bundle on hair products.

3.) My head is light.

4.) 12″ is more than enough to donate.  I chose Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

5.) Sometimes it’s time for a change and that’s okay.

Five Good Things About Grilling

13 Feb

yum. yum, yum, yum.

I miss grilling.  Soon!

1.) You can prepare a well-balanced meal entirely on a grill.  It can be as healthy or unhealthy as you desire.

2.) Hanging around a grill is conducive to good conversation.  Grilling requires some attention, so you probably should stay somewhat nearby, but not a lot, so conversation is acceptable.

3.) Grilling generally involves being outside.  I am a big fan of al fresco dining and/or preparation.

4.) Grilling tends to keep kitchens clean.  When it doesn’t, well, the mess probably didn’t have to happen in the kitchen.

5.)  Quite frankly, the results are delicious.

Five Good Things About Lonely Commutes

12 Feb

i think the city lost money on this one...

Given hours and location, I usually drive or bike to work.  Unplowed streets (read: no parking) and a snowed-in car will definitely drive me to public transit.  Don’t get me wrong: I am a HUGE fan and advocate of public transit.  It just isn’t logical for my current work commute, although returning to a public-transit commute is definite consideration for my next move.  

1.) The only music you get to enjoy is your own.  Ditto phone conversations.  (I elected to enjoy quiet instead of either of the above.)

2.) Nobody tries to read your book/paper over your shoulder.

3.) Lower probability of odor a stranger’s urine or tuna and onion sandwich.

4.) The doors seldom open, better maintaining the temperature.

5.) Ample and unshared leg and elbow room.

Five Good Things About Naps

5 Jan

Naps are one of my favorites, and not just because I am good at napping.

1.) A good nap leaves me feeling refreshed.

2.) Napping often leads to increased productivity…once I manage to get out of bed.

3.) It’s a great way to get in touch with one’s inner…cat?

4.) When kidlets nap, their adults get a break and/or a chance to do thrilling things, such as tidy up, eat, or go to the bathroom alone.

5.) Getting enough sleep is vital to staying healthy and not getting crabby.

Five Good Things About Short Days

2 Jan

The tundra is on the right side of winter, with regard to hours of daylight per day, but there still isn’t much of it – particularly on cloudy days.  (I’m greedy.)

1.) There is a reduced risk of sunburn when there is less sun.

2.) The sun sets before I leave work, eliminating that annoying “driving into the sun” vision issue.

3.) Increased opportunities for stargazing.

4.) It feels less lame to go to bed at 8pm when it is dark. (Sadly an infrequent benefit.)

5.) I appreciate working in a field where I can generally get outside during the limited hours of daylight.

Five Good Things About Being On Vacation

23 Dec

These People Are Likely All On Vacation/Holiday

1.) When you wake up in the morning, it is to do something fun, rather than deal with a difficult situation or person at work or tackle an unpleasant chore.  On vacation, if there isn’t something enjoyable to do, you can generally go back to sleep until there is.

2.) Vacation often involves spending time with family or friends you like, either because you are visiting them or brought them with you.

3.) It is a great excuse to do things that are special and possibly expensive; it’s okay, we’re on vacation.

4.) Sometimes you get to wear out-of-season clothes.  Not only does this shake things up, it also increases the time between which one needs to do laundry.  (Unless undergarments are your limiting factor, in that case it just livens things up.)

5.) It’s vacation.  It’s full of special treats and plans.

Five Good Things About Subfreezing Weather

15 Dec

1.) When doing a series of errands, if you go to the liquor store first and put your wine/beer in the trunk, it will be perfectly chilled when you are home and done with errands.

2.) No need to “prepare” yourself when quickly running outside or to the store.  You’ll be so bundled up that nobody will see how disheveled you may or may not be.

3.) Your mind can rest for the unending driving debate of “Is it more fuel efficient to run the a/c or open the window?”

4.) Outside ice skating!

5.) Trash smells less bad.

Five Good Things About Prince William’s Engagement

17 Nov

It’s official: Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement.

1.) The tabloids and entertainment magazines were ready years ago to evolve from engagement speculation to wedding speculation

2.) I anticipate a whole slew of collectible plates, dolls, and bric-à-brac.  Hello, economic stimulation!

3.) Royal weddings yield (legitimate) royal babies – i.e. the future of the monarchy!

4.) A pretty ring is once again being worn.

5.) While millions of girls are probably in the depths of despair, at least two people are pretty darn happy.