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Five Good Things About Dragons

15 Mar

1.) Their addition classes up any coat of arms.

2.) They are excellent at protecting gold.

3.) With little effort, they can toast a marshmallow.

4.) Dragons provide a cheap and renewable source of heat.  (Unfortunately not entirely green.)

5.) While sometimes stars of books and movies, dragons tend to keep their egos in check.


Five Good Things About The Catcher in the Rye

1 Mar

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger isn’t my favorite book, but I read it anyway.  I think that qualifies me as a better-rounded reader.  I didn’t loathe it or anything, rather it just didn’t do much for me…Regardless, it does have some good points:

1.) The chapters are short.  I suspect this is because it was originally published in serial form (fact), but it breaks things up really nicely and keeps the flow of the pages quick.

2.) The sentence “All I can say is, don’t see it if you don’t want to puke all over yourself.”  (Chapter 18) cracked me right up.  I’m not sure exactly why it cracked me up, but it sure did.  I think I might work that sentence into conversation.

3.) It’s a quick read.  Some books are big commitments; this is not one of them.  (Pillars of the Earth and The Coming Plague, I’m looking at you.)  Sometimes I don’t want a big commitment from a book.

4.) In addition to being a quick read, it’s a physically light read.  Fantastic for commuting or while working out on a stationary bike.

5.) Despite being a “little” and “quick” book, it manages to say a lot.

Five Good Things About Lonely Commutes

12 Feb

i think the city lost money on this one...

Given hours and location, I usually drive or bike to work.  Unplowed streets (read: no parking) and a snowed-in car will definitely drive me to public transit.  Don’t get me wrong: I am a HUGE fan and advocate of public transit.  It just isn’t logical for my current work commute, although returning to a public-transit commute is definite consideration for my next move.  

1.) The only music you get to enjoy is your own.  Ditto phone conversations.  (I elected to enjoy quiet instead of either of the above.)

2.) Nobody tries to read your book/paper over your shoulder.

3.) Lower probability of odor a stranger’s urine or tuna and onion sandwich.

4.) The doors seldom open, better maintaining the temperature.

5.) Ample and unshared leg and elbow room.

Five Good Things About Lacking Football Allegiances

23 Jan

I enjoy watching football, but I don’t feel loyalty to any specific team – college or pro.  After watching various friends be teased and taunted by “their” teams today, I’m more than all right with that.

1.) I appreciate solid plays for being solid plays, regardless of the team that executes them.  Sure, there are players I like more and less than others, but I appreciated (and cringed at) plays by all the teams in today’s division championship games.

2.) I am less likely to agree to a ridiculous bet, as a show of blind faith and devotion to my team. 

3.) I am a Red Sox fan; that in itself requires a significant investment of time and heartache.

4.) When I support a specific team, I enjoy attending their games.  Baseball in April leaves something to be desired…this makes me suspect that football in January might fall into the same category.  (Aside: I still go and enjoy going, I just enjoy the June-September games more.)

5.) People in the tundra take their teams very seriously.  Not having one of my own, I am at a reduced risk of getting into a bar fight.

Five Good Things About Harsh Winters

20 Jan

1.) “My skin will freeze” is a valid excuse for not running outside.

2.) I need to eat more candy/cheese, to develop a layer of fat…to keep me warm.  INSULATION.

3.) If you blow soap bubbles outside THEY EXPLODE.

4.) All of the mosquitoes are dead.

5.) Ice cream doesn’t melt on the way home from the grocery store.

Five Good Thing About Resolutionaries

17 Jan

Resolutionaries are the folks who make New Year resolutions to work out.  A true resolutionary is over their resolution by late January.

1.) Resolutionaries help financially support gyms – and their staff.

2.) It’s kind of nice not to worry about being “the weakest link” in a gym class.

3.) It is good that people are concerned about their health.

4.) When given the option of waiting or “graduating” to heavier weights, as the resolutionaries are (incorrectly) using the baby weights, I am more inclined to graduate myself.  Thus, resolutionaries encourage me to challenge myself.

5.) Some resolutionaries cease to be resolutionaries.

Five Good Things About Short Days

2 Jan

The tundra is on the right side of winter, with regard to hours of daylight per day, but there still isn’t much of it – particularly on cloudy days.  (I’m greedy.)

1.) There is a reduced risk of sunburn when there is less sun.

2.) The sun sets before I leave work, eliminating that annoying “driving into the sun” vision issue.

3.) Increased opportunities for stargazing.

4.) It feels less lame to go to bed at 8pm when it is dark. (Sadly an infrequent benefit.)

5.) I appreciate working in a field where I can generally get outside during the limited hours of daylight.

Five Good Things About Being On Vacation

23 Dec

These People Are Likely All On Vacation/Holiday

1.) When you wake up in the morning, it is to do something fun, rather than deal with a difficult situation or person at work or tackle an unpleasant chore.  On vacation, if there isn’t something enjoyable to do, you can generally go back to sleep until there is.

2.) Vacation often involves spending time with family or friends you like, either because you are visiting them or brought them with you.

3.) It is a great excuse to do things that are special and possibly expensive; it’s okay, we’re on vacation.

4.) Sometimes you get to wear out-of-season clothes.  Not only does this shake things up, it also increases the time between which one needs to do laundry.  (Unless undergarments are your limiting factor, in that case it just livens things up.)

5.) It’s vacation.  It’s full of special treats and plans.

Five Good Things About Cats

22 Nov

1.) Petting them is an artform; one can spend ages perfecting it.

2.) While sometimes sharp, cats are also quite soft.

3.) Cats are particular.  If they like you, it means something.

4.) Balance, speed, and grace. 

5.) The hypothetically and hopefully catch mice.

Five Good Things About Veterans

11 Nov

Please note: This is not a post about whether this war or that conflict should be classified as right, wrong, necessary, frivolous, just, or unjust.  What it is intended as is a sign of respect and gratitude to those who protected others during or from a conflict or war that could be classified as right, wrong, necessary, frivolous, just, or unjust. 

1.) Veterans are survivors.  Not only are they survivors, because of them, other people are also survivors.

2.) Veterans do a lot for little personal pay or recognition.

3.) Veterans hold to a code and concepts such as honor and team that have faded to old ideals for others.

4.) Veterans gave more than they asked.

5.) Veterans signed on to a set ideals, despite not knowing how much would be asked of them to preserve those ideals.

Happy Veterans’ Day!  Thanks to vets, like my dad, and active duty personal.