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Five Good Things About My Vacation

14 Mar

1.) I went to a spring training baseball game. I left the game with a ball.

2.) I went for a bike ride this morning, outside, wearing shorts.

3.) My dad grilled steaks for Sunday dinner. There is just something extra delicious about meat grilled by one’s dad.

4.) Different time zone means sleeping in comes across and up at a reasonable hour.

5.) After my bike ride, I was in the mood for some OJ. So! I picked some oranges and squeezed them. Farm to table folks, farm to table.


Five Good Things About Today

11 Mar

1.) I am going on vacation!  I will see the sun and the populace will see my pasty white skins.

2.) Originally I planned to take a vacation day, but then my employer offered me a better deal: work for three hours and just get the rest of the day off.  Boom, done.

3.) Because of the hours I am working, I should not have to deal with traffic issues in either direction of my commute.

4.) It’s Friday, which means the people around me will also likely be in chipper moods.

5.) I get to see some of my family tonight.

Five Good Things About Sharon

19 Dec

My dad married Sharon in 2000 and today is her 75th birthday.  We are lucky that she is a great person and in great health.

1.) Sharon will play Scrabble with me.  My dad refuses to do so, but Sharon comes through.

2.) Personally and professionally, Sharon is a born caretaker.  She not only excels at this role, she also seems to find joy in living it.

3.) Sharon makes fantastic pickles.  Not only that, but she shares her recipe.  A great tragedy of my childhood is that my mother took her salsa recipe with her to the grave.

4.) She makes my dad happy.

5.) In addition to caring for others, Sharon also cares about her attitude and strives to remain positive and kind.  She might be 75, but she’ll never be crotchety.

Five Good Things About Remarriage

7 Oct

My mother passed away when I was in high school.  A few years later my father remarried; I am fortunate to have my stepmom in my family and my life.   Today is their tenth anniversary and I am glad that they found each other.  While remarriage isn’t right for everyone, I think it’s a bummer when people categorically rule it out – particularly for others.

1.) It’s someone to be with, in accordance with the traditional – or otherwise – vows and expectations.

2.) Partner benefits!  Impersonal things like insurance, but also having a safe ride home after a dental procedure.

3.) A companionship, both for the bride and groom, but also their families.  For example, I LOVE Scrabble, but my dad abhors the game and will not play it – with me or anyone else.  However, my stepmom also loves Scrabble, so sometimes we ditch my dad and make some words out of letter tiles.

4.) Instead of a family becoming smaller, it becomes larger.

5.) In this case, remarriage is a tribute to how great a first/previous marriage was.  Both my dad and stepmom had very full and loving first marriages; it is a sign of respect to their late spouses that they wanted to be married again.

Five Good Things About Being Lutheran

4 Sep

Whether an Active Lutheran or an Ethnic Lutheran, this religion offers more than eternal rewards.

1.) No fasting holidays or rituals.  Many Lutheran are a-okay with having a steak on a Friday during Lent.  (They’d probably prefer you have it with potatoes and something green though, doncha know.)

2.) I wouldn’t want to be prideful or anything, but the music is usually pretty good and we sing in four parts.  It wasn’t until I hit undergrad that I discovered that I only know the harmony to some Christmas carols.

3.) Potlucks.

4.) Confession and penance is a personal discussion between sinner and maker, done silently and en masse.

5.) Tons of bad jokes about Martin Luther and the theses.

Five Good Things About My Dad

29 Jul

8th Grade School Picture

Today is my dad’s birthday!  He is in good shape physically, mentally, and emotionally, which is pretty fantastic – especially when you consider he’s 70.  There are many, many good things about him, but I will restrain myself and just share five…that’s sort of the concept here.

1.) He is a very safe and conscientious driver

2.) He knows a lot of things about a lot of things.  If I am ever on one of those shows, he’s totally coming too.

3.) He has been dealt some pretty rough circumstances, but instead of wallowing in them, he drew compassion and understanding from them.

4.) Although retired, he remains physically and mentally active.

5.) He is a fantastic father, solid co-worker, and devoted friend.