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Five Good Things About Hops

11 Jan

hops: a key ingredient in beer


1.) Hops possess some antibacterial qualities.

2.) Hops make beer worth drinking.

3.) Hops also have some folk/herbal medicinal uses, commonly being employed to relieve sleeplessness, anxiety, and restlessness…sort of like beer?

4.) Hop farming is labor intensive.  Labor intensive = jobs!

5.) Apparently, they make a lovely fill for pillows.  I love sleep, so this seems pretty great.


Five Good Things About Jell-O

4 Jan

1.) It is versatile enough to be used in fruit and veggie Jell-O salads.

2.) You can eat it when on a clear liquid diet.

3.) Well advertised – “J-E-L-L-O!” has a distinct and consistent sound in my head.

4.) Bill Cosby did their commercials for awhile.

5.) Jigglers.

Five Good Things About Cows (moo)

1 Jan

1.) The cow and its moo play a vital role in my favorite knock-knock joke:

Me: Knock-Knock

Your Mom: Who’s there?

Me: Interupting cow.

Your Mom: Interup—-


I know it seems like it could be an interupting chicken or an interupting wildebeast, but that would just not be the same.  It’s an interupting cow.

2.) With no disrespect intended toward vegetarians and Hindus, cows are delicious.   I say that as a former vegetarian.

3.) Cows were colonists!  (C ow-lonists?) They totally arrived in Jamestown in 1611.

4.) Their genome is mapped.

5.) Male cows are vital to the running of the bulls.  VITAL.

Five Good Things About Salt

22 Dec

1.) Iodized salt provides the body with iodine, a necessary mineral 

2.) It is totally delicious alone or as a flavor enhancer.

3.) Sprinkled on ice, it provides traction to prevent slipping.  It also helps hasten melting of said ice.

4.) Although modern conveniences like refrigeration make this less common, salt is a great preservative.  Colonists and pioneers were probably pretty grateful for salt.

5.) Table salt is just abrasive enough to be a fantastic cleaning aid (e.g. tea stains in mugs) while not likely to scratch what it is cleaning.

Five Good Things About Ibuprofen

30 Nov

1.) Some pills (e.g. original Advil) have a candy-like coating

2.) Come in convenient tablets, among other forms

3.) Relief from aches, pain, and inflammation

4.) It may reduce the risk and progression of Alzheimer’s

5.) Available over the counter, easy to acquire

Five Good Things About Peanut Butter

21 Nov

1.) Creamy versus chunky provides hours of scintillating debate.

2.) Many animals love it.  Use it to reward dogs or trap mice!

3.) Peanut butter is easy to travel with; the space/weight to calorie/protein ratio is fantastic.

4.) It’s cheap and there are often coupons for the PB.

5.) Peanut butter is an ingredient in both sweet baking and savory cooking.

Five Good Things About Brunch

7 Nov

One of my absolute favorite things to do on weekends (or anytime really, weekends are just most cooperative) is to meet friends for a lazy brunch.   Brunch groups and geographic locations change, but my affinity for brunch is a constant.

1.) Servers are most aware of the level of coffee in my cup at brunch.  Admittedly, it could be that I am least aware of my coffee to exposed cup ratio at brunch, but I’m generally pretty aware of that situation.

2.) Regardless of their dietary constraints – e.g., Atkins, Celiac, vegetarian, food allergies, weight watchers – my buddies are always able to find something they not only can eat, but also want to eat, at brunch. 

3.) While there are sometimes surprises, brunch is a pretty honest and consistent meal.  Sure there are fancy pancakes, but when one orders scrambled eggs, one tends to get just that: scrambled eggs. 

4.) Exceptions exist, but there is no need to get all fancy for a standard diner brunch.  Brunch is honest, straight-forward, and mascara free.

5.) Post-brunch naps are particularly satisfying.

Five Good Things About NOT Cutting Weight

27 Oct

empty bowl, full belly

Awhile ago, I dedicated a post to convincing myself that cutting weight isn’t all bad.  While true, NOT cutting weight is a lot more enjoyable.  My season is over and I’m free to go crazy.  Here are five GOOD things about NOT cutting weight:

1.) Salt.  I love salt and we are reunited.

2.) Being a bit “fluffier” is a convenient way to stay warm – and just in time for the winter!

3.) My baking kick continues.  I plan to flip eat-to-share ratio of my goods.  (Aside: I made pumpkin whoopie pies tonight and I am kind of excited about them.)

4.) I check neither the calories nor physical weight of food.

5.) One of my things when cutting weight is that I do refuse to deprive myself entirely; I would spend all of my time being sad and crabby.  However, while cutting/monitoring, I do strategize what I eat and when I eat it.  No more!  I can have carbs before bed and juice for breakfast!  Hooray!

Five Good Things About Queso (the melty-dippy sort)

19 Oct

1.) Queso’s melty state allows people who are unable to chew, but can eat/digest cheese, to enjoy cheese.

2.) While the spice is relatively mild, eating queso makes me feel more exciting than I am.

3.) While it does not go with EVERYTHING, queso pairs well with a lot of things: chips, tater tots, bread, fries, pretzels, spoons.

4.) Queso can make or break a Superbowl party; that’s a lot of power for a processed cheese product.

5.) While more complicated versions exist, that I am sure are worth the time investment, it is possible to make queso with just a hunk of Velveeta and a can of Rotel.

Five Good Things About Farmers’ Markets

14 Oct

nom nom nom

I love farmers’ markets.  As much as I love the fall harvest, it is a bit bittersweet as fall is the precursor to a long winter.  (Winter farmers’ markets are fewer, shorter, and less delicious. although I’m glad that they are around.)

1.) One of my farmers’ markets features chef demonstrations, made-to-order snacks, and music.  It’s more than just a market. 

2.) It’s an opportunity to not only support local/small farmers, but also meet them and ask questions.

3.) In addition to produce, farmers’ markets are also a place to purchase dairy, eggs, and meat.  These products typically meet higher standards than those at the average grocery store.

4.) Samples.  Yum.

5.) Outside, stall-to-stall shopping.  A personal and hands-on experience.