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Five Good Things About Girl Scout Cookies

10 Mar

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

1.) You might think that you are buying yourself delicious cookies, but you are actually supporting kids, specifically girls.

2.) Thin Mints freeze up so fantastically.  They also go well in homemade ice cream.

3.) Their shelf life is long.  I sort of have a box left from last year.  Until last weekend, I had three boxes from last year.  We “took care of” two of those boxes, quite happily, and with no ill effects.

4.) Deep discussions over the different names of the cookies.  Are they Samoas or Caramel Delights?  Tagalongs or Peanut Butter Patties?

5.) There is no additional tax.  The math on buying them is super easy, so easy a child can manage it.


Five Good Things About Cake

9 Mar

Cake is different than birthday cake.

1.) Containing milk, eggs, and flour, cake is practically a health food.

2.) If milk, eggs, and flour aren’t healthy enough, there are cake recipes with carrots, fruit, or nuts.  (Chocolate too.)

3.) Baking (not burning) cake smells delicious.  Even Yankee Candle agrees – they produce several types of cake-scented candles.

4.) Cakes can be – and are – any shape and size.  Cake can teach us a lot about tolerance and acceptable.

5.) According to Marie A. of France, cake is an entirely suitable substitute for bread.

Five Good Things About Goat Cheese

2 Mar

My dinner inspired this post…While I made some changes, the recipe was roughly this: Goat Cheese and Asparagus Pasta/ – and it was good.

1.) Relative to (most) cow cheese, goat cheese is lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol.  Basically it’s a health food.

2.) Goat cheese is not low in flavor.  Its flavor profile is a little tangy, a lot creamy, and completely delicious.

3.) Some people who cannot eat other cheeses can eat goat cheese.

4.) Goat cheese is a good source of calcium, which is vital for strong teeth and bones.

5.) It’s very versatile.  I already like it in pasta and dips, on salads and pizzas, stuffed into a hunk of meat and sandwiches, or basic  straight up.  I don’t love the Neely Family from the TV (read: they annoy me and I find them almost creepy) but they featured a goat cheese grilled cheese the other day…that’s probably going to happen in my kitchen.

5b.) A BONUS!  Goat cheese is free of bovine growth hormones, ha ha.

Five Good Things About Grilling

13 Feb

yum. yum, yum, yum.

I miss grilling.  Soon!

1.) You can prepare a well-balanced meal entirely on a grill.  It can be as healthy or unhealthy as you desire.

2.) Hanging around a grill is conducive to good conversation.  Grilling requires some attention, so you probably should stay somewhat nearby, but not a lot, so conversation is acceptable.

3.) Grilling generally involves being outside.  I am a big fan of al fresco dining and/or preparation.

4.) Grilling tends to keep kitchens clean.  When it doesn’t, well, the mess probably didn’t have to happen in the kitchen.

5.)  Quite frankly, the results are delicious.

Five Good Things About Big Flats Beer

10 Feb

This is dedicated to S&P, friends not agents of seasoning.  They told me about Big Flats and have paid for all (both) of the Big Flats I have consumed to date.  Here is a review of our experience.

1.) It’s made from the choicest hops.
2.) At $2.99/6 pack, it’s a bargain.  To put that in perspective, you can buy TWO cans of Big Flats at Walgreens or ONE small fry at McDonalds for the same price.
3.) It comes in cans!  As previously discussed, this can be a very, very good thing.
4.) According to the can, “the water makes it” – I would not want to drink any beer NOT made with water.  This is one of my non-negotiable standards for beer.
5.) Since it is only available at Walgreens, it is easy to buy as part of a multi-purpose errand.  Pick up some Big Flats with your antibiotics, milk, paperclips, and the pictures from Nana’s 80th Birthday Celebration.

Five Good Things About Carrots

25 Jan

1.) They contain a TON (relatively, not literally) of Vitamins A without a ton of calories or bad fats.

2.) In stick form, they make an excellent mode of transport for getting dip into my mouth.

3.) ::nibble, nibble:: “What’s up Doc?”

4.) Carrots can be eaten raw, cooked, baked, roasted, juiced, etc.  They are pretty versatile and don’t always taste the same.

5.) When intercropped with tomatoes, it increases tomato production.  That’s basically growing a vegetable soup.

Five Good Things About Toothpaste

24 Jan

1.) Toothpaste plays a big role in oral health and hygiene. (Duh.)

2.) It is an effective way to curb halitosis.

3.) Some toothpastes can be used to minimize zits.

4.) Tales from the Dorms: White toothpaste makes a great spot fill to cover up the tack holes that aren’t supposed to be in the ways.

5.) Lack of using toothpaste is kind of gross and gross is not good.

Five Good Things About Birthday Cakes

22 Jan

1.) They can be made with a large variety of cake and frosting flavors and combinations.  (I personally like white cake-white frosting.)

2.) Be it 2-D or 3-D, they are personalizable.  This can lead to hilariously dated pictures…or plain old awesomeness.

3.) They are often served with ice cream.

4.) What better way to celebrate the anniversary of someone’s birth than with delicious baked goods?

5.) You are allowed to eat it for breakfast the day after the birthday.

Five Good Things About Beer Class

19 Jan

I went to a free beer class at the local market tonight; it was fantastic.  Here are some specifics as to how I reached that judgment:

1.) There was a wide variety of beers: blend, Belgian, IPA, Black IPA, almost-sour.

2.) In addition to beer, there was also cheese – delicious, delicious cheese.  It was free too – and it wasn’t cheap cheese.  One was $30/lb cheese.  If you want to buy $30/lb cheese, man, do I have a recommendation for you…

3.) The cost of beer class?  Zero dollars, no pesos, nyet ruble.  Free.

4.) Two of my friends attended with me.  I like my friends.  (Well, mostly.)

5.) I tried some beers that I would not normally try, one of which I will likely buy.  Yum, so good.

Five Good Things About Garlic

12 Jan

sauté with olive oil and...pretty much any veg

1.) Garlic wards off vampires, including Dracula.  This is a valid concern of mine – circa 1984.  (Now I want to know if it will ward off Twilight fans.)

2.) As stated in the caption, my fallback option for pretty much any green vegetable (e.g., kale, spinach, green beans) is to sauté it in garlic and olive oil.

3.) Health benefits.  I’m no kind of doctor (i.e. not medical advice) but garlic is supposed to protect against cancer, heart disease, and scurvy; as well as fighting colds.

4.) Dude.  There’s a garlic festival!  It’s annual and in California – that’s totally legit!  It’s probably family friendly and not boring.

5.) It is available year-round and lasts for a long time, even in the tundra.