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Five Good Things About Big Flats Beer

10 Feb

This is dedicated to S&P, friends not agents of seasoning.  They told me about Big Flats and have paid for all (both) of the Big Flats I have consumed to date.  Here is a review of our experience.

1.) It’s made from the choicest hops.
2.) At $2.99/6 pack, it’s a bargain.  To put that in perspective, you can buy TWO cans of Big Flats at Walgreens or ONE small fry at McDonalds for the same price.
3.) It comes in cans!  As previously discussed, this can be a very, very good thing.
4.) According to the can, “the water makes it” – I would not want to drink any beer NOT made with water.  This is one of my non-negotiable standards for beer.
5.) Since it is only available at Walgreens, it is easy to buy as part of a multi-purpose errand.  Pick up some Big Flats with your antibiotics, milk, paperclips, and the pictures from Nana’s 80th Birthday Celebration.

Five Good Things About Beer Class

19 Jan

I went to a free beer class at the local market tonight; it was fantastic.  Here are some specifics as to how I reached that judgment:

1.) There was a wide variety of beers: blend, Belgian, IPA, Black IPA, almost-sour.

2.) In addition to beer, there was also cheese – delicious, delicious cheese.  It was free too – and it wasn’t cheap cheese.  One was $30/lb cheese.  If you want to buy $30/lb cheese, man, do I have a recommendation for you…

3.) The cost of beer class?  Zero dollars, no pesos, nyet ruble.  Free.

4.) Two of my friends attended with me.  I like my friends.  (Well, mostly.)

5.) I tried some beers that I would not normally try, one of which I will likely buy.  Yum, so good.

Five Good Things About Hops

11 Jan

hops: a key ingredient in beer


1.) Hops possess some antibacterial qualities.

2.) Hops make beer worth drinking.

3.) Hops also have some folk/herbal medicinal uses, commonly being employed to relieve sleeplessness, anxiety, and restlessness…sort of like beer?

4.) Hop farming is labor intensive.  Labor intensive = jobs!

5.) Apparently, they make a lovely fill for pillows.  I love sleep, so this seems pretty great.

Five Good Things About Straws

23 Nov

1.) Swirly or bendy, spoonbottom or candy, they are kind of fun to drink out from.

2.) Straws are something of a preventative measure against spills.  It’s a lot harder to dump a non-tilted cup all over one’s self.

3.) Straws protect teeth, both the coloring and the enamel.

4.) You can bend them into things and make stuff.

5.) You can use them to suck out the air from baggies, as sealing them.

Five Good Things About Diet Coke

11 Oct

Diet Coke is probably my worst consumable habit.  (I also bite my nails.)  As part of my rationalization process* for its continued consumption, here are five good things about the DC:

1.) The can is shiny.  I like shiny things.

2.) It is bubbly and delicious, creating a party in my mouth.

3.) Caffeine.  There are times I lead a highly caffeinated lifestyle.

4.) It’s available with vitamins!  I mean, I don’t buy that kind, but it’s nice that it’s a choice.

5.) Diet Coke is mostly water; it is important to drink lots of water. 

*I KNOW these are not all technically “correct” – but that is the glory of rationalizing things.  Rationalizations don’t have to be right!

Five Good Things About Beer in Cans

29 Aug

Delicious Beer in a Recyclable Can

I used to be a total snob, thinking I was “above” canned beer.  Then I found out I was WRONG.  I am still a total snob about macrobrewed canned beer, but have learned the error of my prejudices.

1.) Cans block out UV light; UV light is beer’s NUMBER ONE ENEMY.

2.) Cans are permitted places that (glass) bottles are not, either legally (e.g. beaches, airplanes) or prudently (e.g. boats). 

3.) Cans are easier to recycle than glass AND it takes less energy to recycle a can than make a new one.

4.) Continuing in the environmental vein, cans are much lighter than glass, significantly reducing the gas necessary – and related carbon emissions – for transport.   Al Gore should be the spokesman for canned beer.

5.) Cans chill faster.  I am not a fan of warm beer. Warm cookies, yes. Warm beer, no.

Five Good Things About Margaritas

20 Aug

Margarita on the Rocks


1.) Tequila is a vital ingredient in margaritas.  It is produced in Mexico, providing jobs for Mexicans and a strong export for the country. 

2.) Margaritas are chock full of citrus, thus helping to protect their consumers from scurvy.  

3.) It’s hard to stay tense and uptight with a jolly glass of margarita – even when it isn’t in a real margarita glass. 

4.) More things should really be focused on me and my preferences and margaritas are pretty much the only way I enjoy tequila.  I mean, it’s possible that I have done a tequila shot or two over the course of my long life, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it – either at all or as much as I would have enjoyed a margarita. 

5.) Margaritas allow for adult theme dinners for the gluten-free demographic.  Tacos and margaritas are the celiac-friendly alternative to pizza and beer.

Five Good Things About Coffee

28 Jul

1.) You can make a statement with your purchase.  For example, I am all about the fair trade beans.

2.) Not only are the grounds biodegradable, but they make excellent plant food and repel ants.

3.) Coffee is not just for drinking; it is also great for cooking and baking.

4.) Black coffee contains a negligible number of calories, while still being delicious.  What?  Have a donut?

5.) Admittedly it’s a bit lame, but meeting for coffee is a pretty safe first date.  As a bonus, it’s caffeinated, in case the other party is boring.