Five Good Things About Big Snows

9 Feb

snow no!

If you don’t live under a rock or a snowbank, you are likely aware that there has been some snowing going on this winter.  In an effort to curb the whining, here are some positives about the big snows:

1.) Snow insulates.  I suspect to see a large savings on my heat bill for this month.

2.) Large snows bury cars.  Buried cars reduce the number of cars on the roads.  Typically, these are cars I do not want on the roads.

3.) Check your local laws and standards, but some places allow (or don’t enforce the lack of allowing) dibsies on parking spots.  This means after you dig out your car, you can mark your spot with a chair or some such bit.  When you return home, your spot is waiting for you.  Before people get up in arms, I used to live somewhere that actually permitted dibsies.  Now I live somewhere where my rent includes parking.  This is me thinking of others.

4.) Snow days for the weak, bragging points for the hardy.

5.) Winter sports and activities are more viable and fun.


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