Five Good Things About Lacking Football Allegiances

23 Jan

I enjoy watching football, but I don’t feel loyalty to any specific team – college or pro.  After watching various friends be teased and taunted by “their” teams today, I’m more than all right with that.

1.) I appreciate solid plays for being solid plays, regardless of the team that executes them.  Sure, there are players I like more and less than others, but I appreciated (and cringed at) plays by all the teams in today’s division championship games.

2.) I am less likely to agree to a ridiculous bet, as a show of blind faith and devotion to my team. 

3.) I am a Red Sox fan; that in itself requires a significant investment of time and heartache.

4.) When I support a specific team, I enjoy attending their games.  Baseball in April leaves something to be desired…this makes me suspect that football in January might fall into the same category.  (Aside: I still go and enjoy going, I just enjoy the June-September games more.)

5.) People in the tundra take their teams very seriously.  Not having one of my own, I am at a reduced risk of getting into a bar fight.


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