Five Good Things About the Movie ‘The King’s Speech’

16 Jan

I saw this movie with a friend yesterday; we both enjoyed it.  Admittedly, it’s rife with historical inaccuracies, but we forgave each and every one of them…as it features Colin Firth.   

1.) The movie touches on a lesser-known era in British history.  The Tudors (Henry VIII and Elizabeth I) get a fair amount of press, as does the reigning Queen Elizabeth II, but not much is said about QE2’s pops. 

2.) With a couple of exceptions (e.g. Timothy Spall as Churchill) it was a well-cast movie.

3.) The length and spacing of the silences kept things slightly uncomfortable, but not to the extent I wondered if they forgot to edit it.  As Goldilocks would say, “Just right.”

4.) Nobody got shot.  I am not opposed to action movies, but there is something calming about a movie focused on a story versus action. 

5.) The dialogue.  Both Firth and Rush had some great one-liners.  While likely inaccurate, I enjoyed the wit.


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