Five Good Things About Miranda

13 Jan

My Miranda is classier than a Mercedes.

I haven’t done five goods about a proper noun person in almost a month, so it’s clearly time for me to gloat about how great one someone I personally know is. 

1.) Miranda left a corporate job to take a job that’s her passion.  The passion-job is labor-intensive, but she rarely has anything negative to say about it.  She works a lot, but she loves what she does and she’s dang good at it.

2.) Following college, I felt reluctant to join a local athletic team due to its reputation.  Miranda challenged me to form my own opinions (by suggesting me as a substitute when the team needed a sub) which I did.  I loved being a member of that team and will rejoin it when I live in the “right” city.

3.) I trust nobody more than Miranda to cut my hair.  This is pretty big.  Since we live far away from each other, I did have to accept that other people now cut my hair, but they don’t do it very often and it took me a solid nine months (and two flights) to accept that fact. 

4.) Pretty much anything Miranda writes is well-written and enjoyable to read. 

5.) Miranda can be blunt and is always honest.  She is someone who will not lie to me to spare my feelings, but will find a kind way to say things when necessary and is a kind person, so it’s okay to hear things like “wear deodorant” from her.  (NB: I do actually wear deodorant and we never had a “You Smell” conversation, although she would instigate one if I did smell, which I really appreciate.)


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