Five Good Things About Garlic

12 Jan

sauté with olive oil and...pretty much any veg

1.) Garlic wards off vampires, including Dracula.  This is a valid concern of mine – circa 1984.  (Now I want to know if it will ward off Twilight fans.)

2.) As stated in the caption, my fallback option for pretty much any green vegetable (e.g., kale, spinach, green beans) is to sauté it in garlic and olive oil.

3.) Health benefits.  I’m no kind of doctor (i.e. not medical advice) but garlic is supposed to protect against cancer, heart disease, and scurvy; as well as fighting colds.

4.) Dude.  There’s a garlic festival!  It’s annual and in California – that’s totally legit!  It’s probably family friendly and not boring.

5.) It is available year-round and lasts for a long time, even in the tundra.


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