Five Good Things About The Food Network

8 Jan

The Food Network is one of the approximately five channels I watch.  I watch it because it is good and I like it; somethings do not need to be all complicated.  Here are some good things about Food Network:

1.) Some chefs and personalities are kinda cute.

2.) Food Network gives me ideas of things to home cook, both directly (recipes) and indirectly (ideas).

3.) While I have not seen every show and some contestants can be a bit eccentric, there aren’t any real jerks or idiots on Food Network.  Sure, some cooks can be a bit pretentious, but they are consistent and usually based on actual skill. 

4.) It’s safe to watch Food Network before bed, as it’s not likely to cause nightmares.  Similarly, it’s family friendly.

5.) Many of the recipes are also available online at .  Yum.


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