Five Good Things About Cows (moo)

1 Jan

1.) The cow and its moo play a vital role in my favorite knock-knock joke:

Me: Knock-Knock

Your Mom: Who’s there?

Me: Interupting cow.

Your Mom: Interup—-


I know it seems like it could be an interupting chicken or an interupting wildebeast, but that would just not be the same.  It’s an interupting cow.

2.) With no disrespect intended toward vegetarians and Hindus, cows are delicious.   I say that as a former vegetarian.

3.) Cows were colonists!  (C ow-lonists?) They totally arrived in Jamestown in 1611.

4.) Their genome is mapped.

5.) Male cows are vital to the running of the bulls.  VITAL.


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