Five Good Things About Sharon

19 Dec

My dad married Sharon in 2000 and today is her 75th birthday.  We are lucky that she is a great person and in great health.

1.) Sharon will play Scrabble with me.  My dad refuses to do so, but Sharon comes through.

2.) Personally and professionally, Sharon is a born caretaker.  She not only excels at this role, she also seems to find joy in living it.

3.) Sharon makes fantastic pickles.  Not only that, but she shares her recipe.  A great tragedy of my childhood is that my mother took her salsa recipe with her to the grave.

4.) She makes my dad happy.

5.) In addition to caring for others, Sharon also cares about her attitude and strives to remain positive and kind.  She might be 75, but she’ll never be crotchety.


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