Five Good things About Credit Cards

18 Dec

In an effort to save money, I have not used my credit card in ages.  (My debit card gets solid and regular workouts, but that’s totally different as it’s basically just lazy checks.)  Since it’s rarely swiped, I’ve found other uses for and good things about Visa and Mastercard, and use it when prudent.

1.) Credit cards can unlock doors in a jiffy.  While I have never done this trick, it always works like a charm on television and in movies.  Ergo, it must work like a charm: EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.

2.) They easily scrape the pen off your windshield if you get towed or something.   (This one I can personally vouch for – whoops!)  They also take ice off remarkably efficiently.

3.) If you have a platinum or other fancy card, put it in the front of your wallet or “accidentally” drop it to impress your future in-laws.  (Credit limit irrelevant.)

4.) While risky with a valid credit card, kids seem to love playing with them. 

5.) My credit card gives me cash back rewards and also offers insurance on some items I purchase with it – e.g. any flights I purchase with it automatically include trip insurance.  I never actually buy trip insurance (words I am sure I regret come Monday when I am hypothetically on an airplane) but it’s a nice bonus.


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