Five Good Things About Bike Commuting

14 Nov

As a bike commuter, I am inconsistent.  Work isn’t very far from home, but I get tired and lazy and the conditions get dark, cold, and rainy/snowy.   It would probably be different if I didn’t have a car – particularly if said car didn’t get such extraordinary mileage.   I’m trying to bike commute as much as possible before the snow starts. 

1.) On a long day, bike commuting means that at least some time will be spent outside.

2.) Bikes are easy to park.  Some workplaces, mine included, have free indoor parking for bikes! 

3.) Bikes to not contribute to pollution, traffic jams, or a host of other problems; both environmental and personal.

4.) Bikes prevent me from being too much stuff to work, either for lunch or for no reason.  I go pretty minimalistic when it needs to fit on my back.

5.) It’s fun – significantly more so than fighting traffic and listening to bad talk radio.


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