Five Good Things About Brunch

7 Nov

One of my absolute favorite things to do on weekends (or anytime really, weekends are just most cooperative) is to meet friends for a lazy brunch.   Brunch groups and geographic locations change, but my affinity for brunch is a constant.

1.) Servers are most aware of the level of coffee in my cup at brunch.  Admittedly, it could be that I am least aware of my coffee to exposed cup ratio at brunch, but I’m generally pretty aware of that situation.

2.) Regardless of their dietary constraints – e.g., Atkins, Celiac, vegetarian, food allergies, weight watchers – my buddies are always able to find something they not only can eat, but also want to eat, at brunch. 

3.) While there are sometimes surprises, brunch is a pretty honest and consistent meal.  Sure there are fancy pancakes, but when one orders scrambled eggs, one tends to get just that: scrambled eggs. 

4.) Exceptions exist, but there is no need to get all fancy for a standard diner brunch.  Brunch is honest, straight-forward, and mascara free.

5.) Post-brunch naps are particularly satisfying.


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