Five Good Things About KTB

6 Nov

Today is my friend KTB’s birthday.  If she was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, she’d be beyond middle age and probably dead.  It turns out despite being the “lizard king,” T Rexes didn’t live ALL that long.   So!  For a lot of reasons, especially the not-extinct and lack of nine-inch teeth parts, here are five good things about KTB:

1.) KTB is a confident and strong person, but not in an annoying way.

2.) She is probably my most dedicated blog reader.

3.) She is very tolerant of her roommate’s cat.  The kit-kat is great and all, but does cat-like things, such as claw couches and shed.

4.) KTB is a good combination of New England witty sass and Midwestern kindness.

5.) She doesn’t just talk about things, she makes things happen and change.

Happy Birthday!


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