Five Good Things About NOT Cutting Weight

27 Oct

empty bowl, full belly

Awhile ago, I dedicated a post to convincing myself that cutting weight isn’t all bad.  While true, NOT cutting weight is a lot more enjoyable.  My season is over and I’m free to go crazy.  Here are five GOOD things about NOT cutting weight:

1.) Salt.  I love salt and we are reunited.

2.) Being a bit “fluffier” is a convenient way to stay warm – and just in time for the winter!

3.) My baking kick continues.  I plan to flip eat-to-share ratio of my goods.  (Aside: I made pumpkin whoopie pies tonight and I am kind of excited about them.)

4.) I check neither the calories nor physical weight of food.

5.) One of my things when cutting weight is that I do refuse to deprive myself entirely; I would spend all of my time being sad and crabby.  However, while cutting/monitoring, I do strategize what I eat and when I eat it.  No more!  I can have carbs before bed and juice for breakfast!  Hooray!


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