Five Good Things About Being Home

26 Oct

I got back from a trip this evening.  My return is a bit bittersweet as I really love the friends and city I just left, but there are good things about being back at my current address.

1.) I get mail at home. 

2.) My real bed is freakishly soft, due to its two featherbeds.  Most non-home beds do not resemble sleeping in clouds.

3.) I have a ton of food at home, all of which I can eat and all of which I (at various times) like to eat.  I am super excited to eat home food for lunch tomorrow.  (Aside: Who gets excited about lentils and rice?)

4.) The sheets in #2 above, along with my towels, smell like Downy (april fresh).  This is the official smell of home – and it’s soft!

5.) While I possess the ability to MacGyver myself out of a lot of situations, it’s nice to instead be prepared for those situations.


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