Five Good Things About Delta Shuttle Flights

25 Oct

free coffee! free juice! free love!

I feel a little apprehensive to post this as I still need to return to the tundra.  I last flew on Delta in ’03; the time between my Delta flights being due to my holding a grudge over a Delta error.  I’m once again flying them as they merged with Northwest, an airline with which I hold a freakton of frequent flyer miles.  So far, so good!  I might be able to move beyond this one…

1.) Complimentary coffee, tea, and juice awaited me in my terminal.  Not on the plane, where we were also offered complimentary beverage service – as still standard – but ALSO in the waiting area of the terminal.  I fly out of a terrible airport where nothing is free.

2.) In addition to free beverages, Delta Shuttle also provided complimentary newspapers (WSJ, NY Times, USA Today, and local).  If I had not been super tired, I could have spent the flight looking super pretentious.  Again with the free – good work, Delta.

3.) On the first leg of my trip, I had an entire row to myself.  As an petite person, this meant that I could lean against the bulkhead (sitting sideways) and the entirety of my legs were on seat.  (I sat in the window on the second leg; this is my general preference.)

4.) While not direct, there are a ton of flights out of my airport, to places I want to go.

5.) I slept fantastically.


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