Five Good Things About Regan

18 Oct

i'm pretty sure if regan was a dog, she would be this (her) dog

I get to see my friend Regan, this weekend, which I am super pumped up about.  When I first met Regan, I found her a bit frightening; I suspect the feeling was mutual, albeit for different reasons.  It’s been over a decade since that first meeting and I now know that she’s just pretty darn great.

1.) One of Regan’s gifts is the ability to come up creative, endearing, and appropriate nicknames for people.  She doesn’t always know where they come from; they come the way true gifts do.

2.)  A high school that Regan used to work with named an expensive piece of athletic equipment in honor of her.

3.) Regan always appreciates a good treat.  She is ever-ready for treats as well, which is a good trait in a friend.

4.) Whether athletic, professional, or personal; Regan pursues her passions.

5.) I like her dog an awful lot.


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