Five Good Things About Alumni Clubs

17 Oct

I often think about, occasionally talk about, yet rarely follow through attending formal alumni events for my dear alma mater.  However, yesterday I SHATTERED my self-induced mold and attended not only a formal, but also an annual, alumni event.  

1.) My alma mater is a bit of a fancy place, so attending these events is an excuse to dust off my pearls and doll myself up.

2.) Groups of fancy people don’t gather around a crockpot of cocktail weenies, holding cans of Grape Crush (aside: maybe they should…) so any alumni event is pretty much obligated to feature delicious food and drink.  Last night’s event was a wine tasting with some lovely charcuterie, cheese, out-of-season fruit, and bite-sized tart options.

3.) Did you notice the above event was a WINE TASTING?  That’s my kind of networking.

4.) I did have some grown-up discussions.  I made one contact who could be useful to me professionally and I might be a useful resource to another alum.  Yay networking.

5.) The tundra is all about football – college and pro.  I went to a school without a football team.  I didn’t realize at the time what a void this would apparently be in my life.  Fortunately, the other alums of the tundra understand and relate to this travesty.  Hanging out with them over some hors d’oeveurs and wine is a lot cheaper – and more enjoyable – than therapy.  Whatever, our team is undefeated for the 135th straight season.


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