Five Good Things About Sunsets

15 Oct

that bird is heading canada

1.) On a hot day, sunset means a break from the sun and its heat.

2.) They are awfully lovely, providing poetic inspiration to, well, lots of folks.  (Including me – I totally WON a ribbon in the fourth grade for a poem I wrote about Sunsets.  It included the phrases “billowing display” and “pastel flare.”  This was not a participation ribbon; this was a WINNER RIBBON.)

3.) Due to their slow-moving nature, they are easy to photograph. 

4.) Sunset means it’s almost bedtime – hooray! Except in the doldrums of winter, when it means that it’s almost dinnertime – also hooray!

5.) In some religions, fasting days end at sunset.  Fat kids like me are totally up on when their friends can and cannot eat.


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