Five Good Things About Being a Coxswain (Rowing Sort)

13 Oct

a boat with its coxswain in the bow and a boat with its coxswain in the stern

In the rowing world, a coxswain is the (generally, hopefully, ideally) little and (generally, hopefully, ideally) intelligent person positioned at either the very front (bow) or very back (stern) of a boat.  The coxswain’s role is to steer, coach, motivate, run the race/practice, and generally keep everything from going to crap.   Sounds like a blast, especially when you consider this is often a 5am gig.  Of course, there are some good things about coxing…

1.) Eco-friendly transit.  

2.) Coxswains often make a lot of tall and strong friends.  This is good news when the little person needs to reach something up high, change a lightbulb, or move to a new home. 

3.) Depending on where the coxswain resides, it is a great excuse to purchase and/or wear a SURVIVAL SUIT.  These things are great.  I could totally throw one on and fall asleep…in pretty much any conditions.

4.) It’s kind of fun to call home and tell a somewhat traditional parent that their dear child is now a “cox” and spends a lot of time “coxing” groups of large people.

5.) The coxswain is the only person in the boat who can actually see where the boat is going.


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