Five Good Things About Diet Coke

11 Oct

Diet Coke is probably my worst consumable habit.  (I also bite my nails.)  As part of my rationalization process* for its continued consumption, here are five good things about the DC:

1.) The can is shiny.  I like shiny things.

2.) It is bubbly and delicious, creating a party in my mouth.

3.) Caffeine.  There are times I lead a highly caffeinated lifestyle.

4.) It’s available with vitamins!  I mean, I don’t buy that kind, but it’s nice that it’s a choice.

5.) Diet Coke is mostly water; it is important to drink lots of water. 

*I KNOW these are not all technically “correct” – but that is the glory of rationalizing things.  Rationalizations don’t have to be right!


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