Five Good Things About Cell Phone Insurance

9 Oct

new phone and broken phone

I recently made my first cell phone insurance claim. While the deductible is kind of annoying, it’s still better than, oh, buying a new phone.

1.) There is an option to file claims online, which is quick and easy for people like me.

2.) Since I filed my claim online, I did not need to talk to a single live person during the process.  While I like (some) people and I recognize that there is a direct relationship between the increase of automated self-service options and a decrease in jobs available, my last insurance claim conversation (car, 2007) left me feeling kind of judged…for leaving my car parked in my neighborhood.  This (phone) claim was my fault and I appreciated the lack of a lecture.

3.) Monetarily speaking, deductible < buying phone

4.) They send the new phone overnight mail; that’s almost instant gratification.

5.) My screen is clean and without a single smudge.


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