Five Good Things About Remarriage

7 Oct

My mother passed away when I was in high school.  A few years later my father remarried; I am fortunate to have my stepmom in my family and my life.   Today is their tenth anniversary and I am glad that they found each other.  While remarriage isn’t right for everyone, I think it’s a bummer when people categorically rule it out – particularly for others.

1.) It’s someone to be with, in accordance with the traditional – or otherwise – vows and expectations.

2.) Partner benefits!  Impersonal things like insurance, but also having a safe ride home after a dental procedure.

3.) A companionship, both for the bride and groom, but also their families.  For example, I LOVE Scrabble, but my dad abhors the game and will not play it – with me or anyone else.  However, my stepmom also loves Scrabble, so sometimes we ditch my dad and make some words out of letter tiles.

4.) Instead of a family becoming smaller, it becomes larger.

5.) In this case, remarriage is a tribute to how great a first/previous marriage was.  Both my dad and stepmom had very full and loving first marriages; it is a sign of respect to their late spouses that they wanted to be married again.


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