Five Good Things About My Bike Ride Today

5 Oct

bike path! no cars.

I went on a nice, long bike ride this afternoon.  Other folks went out as well.

1.) I saw an elderly man (over seventy, definitely looks like he was born under FDR) doing some tricks on his roller blades.  I’m not sure for whom he was showing off, but from his tall socks to his long shorts – and the knobby little old (replaced?) knees in between – he worked some crazy legs.

2.) There is some clear stratification at this point in the cross country season, from sleek consistent trainers down to the clumps of off-season gluttons working off a summer of sloth.  This winter, I am going to try to remember that working out will warm me up, making it unnecessary to add a layer of blubber.

3.) Crunchy leaves.  I find them so satisfying.

4.) Ample sunshine + minimal breeze = perfect weather

5.) My repaired tire is finally, definitely repaired.


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