Five Good Things About Predictive Text

3 Oct

I resisted predictive text on my cell phone for a long time.  I got a new phone and it’s less invasive, so I’m giving it a go.  It definitely has its advantages, and I’m able to “teach” my phone words it does not recognize.  

1.) Predictive text increases coherence when beverage choices create “bumbling” fingers.

2.) I’m not the greatest speller ever; predictive text helps me out.

3.) The new predictive text on Google suggests alternative searches to me, some of which are better than my original plan – mostly with regard to recipes.

4.) It does save time.  Well, mostly.  (And it’s pretty easy to override when it is not saving time.)

5.) I am not a huge fan of the u/2/b shorthand, which is particularly common in text messaging.  Predictive text is an alternative shortcut which yields much more palatable results.


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