Five Good Things About Nachos

28 Sep

alllllll for me!

1.) They don’t require any utensils, which reduces the number of dirty dishes.  Heavy nachos can always be eaten with additional chips – sort of like a Tex-Mex version of injera.

2.) If made with whole grain/flax chips, extra beans, salsa fresco, and avocado; they could totally be considered a health good.   The Weight Watchers point value would still be pretty high, but the nutritional content is there.

3.) Through easy substitutions (e.g. vegetarian chili/beans for meat, corn tortillas) nachos can meet the dietary requirements of various people – without bumming out the traditionalists.  It’s generally nice to have everyone at the table able to eat the same thing.

4.) Properly cared for, the ingredients for nachos can be purchased well ahead of time.  For this, I”m thinking less my typical delicious shredded chicken nachos and more a bag of chips, a can of chili,* and some shredded cheese that’s processed enough to hang out in a fridge for a month or two.

5.) The puns, oh the puns.  There’s all the “na-cho noun” stuff and then the classic “Nacho Man” song.  There’s a lot to like/loath.

*Wordpress asked me if I meant “Chile” – seriously?  I mean, I can understand asking me about typically confused words, such as accept/except,** but Chile/chili?  I’ve got those down.

**A good memory trick for accept/except is a very easy noun – aven AcceptVerbExceptNoun


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