Five Good Things About Smart Phones

21 Sep

my phone is smarter than your mom

I recently graduated to a “big girl” phone, and I am loving it.   The novelty has yet to wear off, so it has yet to become an electronic leash.

1.) Whack-A-Mole App: an appropriate way to relieve frustration (in thirty-second increments).

2.) GRE Prep Apps: So I can be productive anytime, anywhere.

3.) Maps and contact info: Because I have NO SENSE OF DIRECTION.

4.) My online calendar and contacts are synced to my phone.  (Confession: This is actually a little annoying, as it auntomatically downloaded some people I’d rather not have in my phone, because I don’t particularly care to communicate with them.)

4.5) I can share the Minneapolis Snow Emergency video no matter where I am!

5.) I can take high-quality pictures and video, which are easily sharable.


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