Five Good Things About Bikes

15 Sep

I killed the tube in my bike’s rear tire and it’s a sad, sad time.  (I can’t fix it until this weekend.)  There are a lot of good things I’m missing out on while bici is out of commission.

1.) Parking in urban areas is difficult AND expensive.  It’s true.  In some neighborhoods near me, the parking meters run 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  That’s BANANAS!  However, it’s still free to park a bike.

2.) Not only are bikes good at being stopped, but they are fantastic for commuting in traffic.  While I believe that stop lights and signs do apply to bikes, traffic is no obstacle.

3.) Oh no!  It’s thunderstorming and you don’t want to bike home.  It’s totally okay – in every city I’ve ever resided in, bikes (and small children) get to ride public transit for FREE.

4.) In my opinion (and since this is my blog, my opinion is the most important) bikes are fun.  I like fun.

5.) When traveling by bike, it is possible to carry enough, but “bike” is a ready excuse to not have to carry too much.  I have yet to figure out how to impulse buy a grill when I’m doing errands by bike.


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