Five Good Things About My Apartment

14 Sep

It would be creepy to put up a picture of my front door, so here's a picture of a tree in my backyard.

I like my apartment, I really do.  I will be somewhat sad when I move out of it, because it is so great, but then I will get over it because that will also mark the start of a SWEET NEW ADVENTURE!

1.) Do you see the tree in the picture above?  It’s a pear tree.  Its pears are delicious and plentiful. 

2.) My place is near a lake and trees are plentiful.  

3.) My bedroom is an add-on, so has a TON of windows.   There are more windows in my current bedroom than my entire previous apartment.   Specifically, my room has five windows, on three walls.

4.) Rent is cheap.  Cheap, cheap, cheap.  I could tell you a number, but it would be meaningless.  For what it’s worth, that cheap number includes in-unit washer/dryer, private parking, backyard, basement storage, hardwood floors, etc.



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