Five Good Things About Public Libraries

13 Sep

Due to my current situation of studying for the GREs and being not-so-employed, I’ve been spending increasing amounts of time at my local public library.  It’s a pretty great place – I remind myself of that when I pay overdue fines.

1.) Free passes to local museums!  (Another benefit of my present situation is that I can go to these museums during off-peak hours.)

2.) If you can write your name, all by yourself, you can get a library card in the area you reside.  It’s a pretty inclusive establishment.

3.) The hold system.  I adore the hold system.  I pick books/CDs/DVDs online, click, and then they send them to my “preferred” library, to wait for me.

4.) My library has free wi-fi, which is mostly a good thing for when I am studying.  (It also means that study breaks can involve job searching!)

5.) Climate control and indoor plumbing.  While not swank, my library is comfortable.


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